At just 21 years old, and after paying 500,000 euros to Real Madrid, Álex Fernández led the most austere transfer market remembered at the RCDE Stadium, in the 2013-14 campaign led by Óscar Perarnau with Javier Aguirre on the bench. All the players came from Second, hardly spending any money, in a course in which Espanyol was virtually saved in winter and timidly flirted with Europe shortly after.

Álex Fernández was presented in style as a great bet for the future, but the midfielder did not find his place. Too tender, he failed to knock down the door, also without opportunities because the Mexican coach preferred another profile. He participated in 24 games, but only played three as a starter. A counted attendance was his best achievement. The fans asked for it, but the team's game was going in another direction. The following year, already with Sergio González, he only participated in five games and left. Croatian Rijeka, English Reading and Elche. Until Cádiz arrived.

This afternoon in Marbella both teams are measured (18:45) and Álex Fernández is the star of the yellow team. He lit up from day one, although it was this season when he really exploded and has become a transcendent footballer. Only one match was lost, all of them in the midfielder, with freedom. He has scored 13 goals, eight of them from penalties, where he is infallible. He has participated in 40% of the goals.

It has become an icon, and the president of Cádiz, Manuel Vizcaíno, commented that he would only leave the entity if someone pays the 20 million clause. Maturity came late to Madrid, who will return to play in the First six seasons after his time at Espanyol. Meanwhile, the parakeets will compete in Second. Time turns the tables.