Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Well, all of you must know that there are surely a few months of gap between the on seasons and off-season in the football leagues. It is amazing to know what NFL players are doing in their off-seasons. TBH, most athletes tend to be up and taking several other athletic events to make the most out of their spare time. It is surely not surprising to know that most athletes are more likely to play golf to spend their off-season time.

Tom Brady Also Excels In Playing Golf

Golf is definitely an amazing and exciting outdoor game that does not require much physical workout. So most athletes are considering playing golf as a relaxing experience. But fans are more curious to know about the popular NFL player Tom Brady and his golf skills.

Tom Brady did manage to take his hobby of playing golf to the next level. It is not much surprising as it comes from the most competitive athlete in the professional field of sports.

Fans of Tom Brady surely knows that he did play AT & T Pebble Beach Pro-AM partnering with Bill Belichick in 2014. Along with Bill Belichick, Brady was also able to play with Ricky Barnes and James Driscoll for the first three days. That was an unforgettable experience for the NFL player Tom Brady.

Jame Driscoll informs about his time playing with Tom Brady saying, “The first day out he was really sloppy,”. He continues, “His swing is decent, so I could tell there was something in there. He played pretty poorly on the first day. The second day I was like, ‘Wait a minute, this guy has some game’. He definitely hit some real quality shots the second day. And then the third day, he went out on the front nine at Pebble Beach and I tell people he shot 33 (three-under-par, including an eagle on the par-5 second hole). I am pretty sure he did.

Driscoll remembers more about that incident and says, “He basically played nine holes like a tour pro — hitting his drives 300 yards, hitting his seven-iron like 180 (yards) and making putts. He literally played those nine holes like a tour pro. I was like, ‘Oh my God. This guy is incredible.’”

Tom Brady is amazing with all his skills and talents not only in a football field but also in golf. Many people admire him and take inspiration from the popular NFL player Tom Brady.


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