New turn in the heart of María Teresa: Mustache Arrocet has a girlfriend and meets her this Saturday

This Saturday mustache rice he will meet his new girlfriend in Brazil. The ex of Maria Teresa Campos He is there for professional reasons, but he has decided to make time to enjoy a few days of vacation with the woman he loves. The comedian, whom we see below with his daughter Gabriela, contestant on survivors, He knows that country very well, where he has businesses related to wind energy and visits it at least a couple of times a year.

The person with whom the Chilean humorist shares his life and feelings is of English nationality and they have been dating since last year. Very few were aware of this relationship. Edmundo had kept it a secret until now, but that’s over. A friend of the comedian confirms the details: “I see him very excited. He has found a very special, intelligent, attractive and very affectionate woman. At least, that’s how Edmundo defines her when he refers to her. She looks very happy. It is not a simple flirt, it is a very serious relationship. He already knows her her son Maximiliano hers, her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren, who reside in London, the city where she also lives. That’s why Edmundo has traveled so much to England in the last year. To meet his girlfriend”, he explains to us.

Other news that they will hide from María Teresa Campos

This Friday night, Benua, one of the artist’s grandsons, and son of Gabriela Arrocet, whom we now see competing in survivors, corroborated the existence of this new woman in his grandfather’s life. The irruption of the English on the media scene has been quite a surprise due to the secrecy with which Mustache is maintaining the relationship. He doesn’t want to create a media circus around her.

This will be another of the news that Have him y carmen borrego they will have to hide their mother. Maria Theresa Campos As her daughters have explained, she is so delicate that they do not want the controversies to affect her. They even hid the death of her friend Laura Valenzuela from her to avoid sadness and worry.

The contestant’s son premiered this Thursday in Survivors and, although he tried to dodge the questions of Jorge Javier Vazquez about his grandfather’s new girlfriend, he ended up speaking naturally about the subject and revealed many details about the person who has replaced María Teresa Campos in the humorist’s heart.

“Did you know that your grandfather has an English girlfriend?” The presenter asked him first. “I had no idea,” he answered at first, but then he laughed when he heard Jorge tell him “don’t lie to me” and he recognized that it was his grandfather who had told him.

“I don’t know the name. He told me two days ago. They met in London,” Benuá said, adding that Edmundo Arrocet is now in Brazil and that he had not been aware until now that he would be on the set of survivors.

Jorge Javier Vázquez was interested in many more details about the comedian’s girlfriend (such as her age or the specific place where they met) but Benuá could not find out more details, promising that he had not asked his grandfather.

A few days ago, in Honduras, Gabriela Arrocet spoke about the break between Edmundo Arrocet, her father, and María Teresa Campos. The new contestant gave another version of the story, and lashed out at the Campos clan.