Isabel Pantoja has managed to go from being a delinquent, whose sentence has already been served, and from competing in survivors (to survive), to boast of being this Saturday in the Dance of the Rose, one of the most important events in the Principality. However, let the brilliance of diamonds not blind us. Let’s not forget that, after all, Monaco is beyond its facade of luxury and glamor land of gamblers, pronazis and thieves.

For now, Isabel Pantoja has managed to score a point, a hanger to collect an exclusive from Hola, and maybe take a picture bleach bath at a place where they handle laundering better than anywhere else. How did you do it?

The drag queen Manel Dalgó and her husband Thomas Schmieder are the guilty about what Isabel Pantoja be in the Ball of the Rose of Monaco this Saturday. How did an invitation come to Paquirri’s widow? To understand it, several things must be explained.

Manel Dalgó, A resident of Monaco and well-connected in the principality, he is a true icon of cross-dressing, a friend of Agustín Pantoja and husband of businessman Thomas Schmieder, as well as artistic director of the mythical venue With Us, located in Berlin and owned by her husband. The Catalan artist, a benchmark for the LGTBI collective, went from selling ice cream on a bicycle from La Jijonenca through Barcelona to becoming a celebrity. In Monte Carlo she has an apartment in La Tour. He is the architect of the presence of Isabel Pantoja in it dance of the rose this Saturday.

in the mythical With us Berliner made his first streptease sixty years ago Amanda Lear (then known as Peki d’Oslo). Marlene Dietrich stopped by and Michael Caine filmed funeral in berlin in 1966, a thriller about spies in the cold war directed by Guy Hamilton.

But for spies, James Bond: the singer who has led, somehow, to Isabel Pantoja To Monaco is Shirley Bassey (Cardiff, Wales, January 8, 1937), the 86-year-old Welsh woman is known worldwide for being the musical performer who has sung a song the most times in a film from the secret service agent saga British created by Ian Fleming. Specifically, she interpreted the main theme in three films: Goldfinger, Moonraker y Diamonds for eternity.

Manel Dalgó He does not mince words and believes that Carolina “is very posh and rough”. De Estefanía assures that she is “very funny, human and simple”, as well as a “good mother”. Enrique del Pozo directed a documentary on the life of this brilliant drag queen, The Man Behind the Woman (2015).

Isabel Pantoja contacted Dalgó because the mother of Kiko Rivera I wanted to get a date with the singer Shirley Bassey, friend of the transformist The Catalan then decided to invite both the Sevillian woman and her brother Agustín to the Baile de la Rosa to make that dream come true. “Making people happy makes me happy,” Dalgó tells us. Another thing is that Isabel can talk to Caroline of Monaco: “That is no longer in our hands”, the promoter of this trip from Pantoja to the heart of the Costa Azul justifies himself. Isabel, yes, will share a table with her idol: Shirley Bassey.

Land of Nazis but masters of laundering people and institutions

The Grimaldi, who have been in the rock for almost a millennium, were on the side of Hitler In World War II, and until the war went in favor of the Allies, they deported Jews and served as logistical support and a submarine base for the Führer’s army. Louis II, Rainier’s grandfather and therefore great-grandfather of Albert of Monaco, Caroline y Stephanie, he passed anti-Semitic laws and participated in the deportation of 76 foreign Jews carried out by Nazi Germany. The Monegasque police arrested in particular the Jews who had gone to take refuge in the Principality.

The microstate declared itself neutral at the beginning of the conflict, but maintained its financial ties with the Tercer Empire; a link that had begun in 1936, when the German Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht visited the Prince to establish a financial agreement. Through Monaco, Nazi Germany evaded the embargoes imposed by the allies. In June 1940, Louis II approached the collaborationist government in occupied France.

Only when the war was lost for the Nazis, at the end of 1944, the crown prince ranier he had no choice but to switch sides and launder sympathies and crimes sponsored by his grandfather and joined the French army in the 7th Algerian Rifle Regiment of the French Africa troops. Later, the laundering and the image operation was consummated, in April 1956, with the wedding of Rainier and the American actress Grace Kelly, a world celebrity who left her career at the top at the age of 26 to become Her Serene Highness.

Until six years after that media link, which erased Monaco’s Nazi and collaborationist past, women could not vote in the principality, a right that was granted to them in 1962. As history shows, Monaco masterfully handles the art of the image and the laundering of characters and institutions, and grants maximum glamor with its showcase to those who exhibit themselves in the luxury of Monte Carlo. Undoubtedly, the sadness that overwhelms Isabel Pantoja, and that she will be happy, this Saturday will disappear even for a while because we have known for years that what Isabel likes the most is to show off and give a little envy, be it dancing with Carolina de Monaco or walking arm in arm with the mayor of Marbella. At least we will see her smile reappear on her face from her triana. Teeth, teeth.