New statement from Rodolfo Sancho: he refuses to continue reporting the case until the media pressure ceases

Just one day after knowing the result of the police reports by the Thai police on the murder of Edwin Arrieta, the parents of daniel sancho They have sent a new official statement through their lawyers. In it, Carmen Balfagón and Ramón Chipirrás emphatically announce that will cancel their participation in the media as spokespersons for the family until the presence of the media in the plaintiff’s home and surroundings ceases.

The spokespersons have reiterated on several occasions that the actor and his ex-wife are very concerned about the well-being of the family, especially that of Jimena, the 8-year-old girl shared by Rodolfo Sancho and Xenia Tostado. Her situation is untenable: dozens of photographers stationed at the door of her home prevent them from going out with the girl to the street or even walking the dog. Its defenders have been blunt: they will temporarily pause their interventions on television until this ceases.

The statement reads as follows: “Carmen Balfagón and Ramón Chipirrás, in the name and representation of Rodolfo Sancho and Silvia Bronchalo, communicate their firm decision not to go to or inform any media outlet until the definitive cessation of all media outlets occurs. of communication at the home and its surroundings of Rodolfo Sancho, a request that has been made by said spokespersons on repeated occasions over the last few days and which has been ignored, since said presence alters the life of a less than anything has to know at this time about the situation his father is going through”.