New details about the arrest of Rafael Amargo: “The agents did not wait for him to act”

Raphael Bitter is back in the news and not for very good news. The bailaor was arrested this Thursday in Alicante for an alleged crime of drug trafficking and attack on authority. The National Police has been investigating him since last July following a complaint from his neighbors for an alleged sale of narcotic substances in his apartment on Calle Espíritu Santo in Madrid.

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Although it was revealed that the arrest had taken place after a performance that was planned in that city, the magazine Week He assures that it was before, specifically at the train station.

A witness reveals to the aforementioned medium that there were very tense moments, since the man from Granada put up resistance before the agents until he assumed that he would be transferred to the cells of the provincial police station of the National Police Corps of Alicante, where he will remain until he becomes available. court and be transferred to Madrid.

How we publishedhis lawyer, jamie caballerocame in this you come in Ana Rosa’s program to stand up for his client: “It has surprised us, nobody expects an arrest, but honestly we sensed that something was going to happen, we knew that the case charged and for which he is pending trial was not well tied, the evidence is very weak , they are quite circumstantial evidence and with little solidity”. The lawyer refers to the Codax operationfor which the artist was arrested along with his girlfriend, the Argentine Luciana Bongianino in December 2020 and that will take him to the bench this summer.