Rafa Castaño’s plans with the ‘Pasapalabra’ boat: “I don’t want to have it asleep on the bench, which loses value with inflation”

When Roberto Leal accepted the word Zabro”, the last one answered by Rafa Castaño in his epic Rosco de Pass wordBarbara Rey was the first person who hugged him. “I told you so,” was heard featured in a moment that has gone viral. “She had told me that she used to give people luck”, reveals the brand new jackpot winner Pass word hours after making history on television.

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Castaño resolved the Rosco at once and took 2.2 million euros that will stay almost in half when it goes through the Treasury. He will pay “delighted” because “I have been a great beneficiary of the taxes. I studied at a public school, institute and university. Public health has also always attended me,” he says.

He will have 1.2 million left – “do not suffer for me” – and he plans to start investing it “in a very conservative way.” “What I don’t want is to have him asleep on the bench, which with inflation loses value,” says this 32-year-old journalist from Seville who managed, after 197 duels, to defeat the favorite (and beloved) Orestes Barbero. “I have not spoken with him these days because I understand that they will be difficult moments.”

What plans do you have for the 2.2 million prize? Have you already indulged in a whim?

I can give myself few whims, because the money is not deposited until a few months have passed. The whims that I have given myself have been of time: watching series, reading, living with the lost peace of mind, because they have been months of much study. I want to invest the prize very conservatively. I have a lot of money at once and I’m young. Time is an ally. What I don’t want is to have it asleep in the bank, which loses value with inflation.

What projects do you have?

I will dedicate it to many things, not just one. I haven’t seriously thought about it yet, because I’m living a very emotional moment. I will receive the pertinent calls from the banks and then I will see what I do (laughs).

The Treasury will take a million of his prize. Is that ‘bite’ fair to you?

It is what it is. They are the laws and I abide by them delighted. I would tell people not to suffer for me, because I am going to keep 1.2 million. I have been a great beneficiary of taxes, because I studied at a public school, institute and university. Public health has also always attended me. Why am I not going to contribute so that others can benefit?

Spectators have had the feeling that the boat was closer than ever in recent days. Have you also seen it like this from the inside?

Yeah. When the historic jackpot is exceededWe did notice that the difficult encyclopedic questions were somewhat less difficult and we have come close several times. I started to study a lot more because I wanted to have more seconds to start earlier [el Rosco] and get ahead

How is Orestes? Have you talked to him?

I haven’t written to him in the last few days because I understand that these will be difficult times for him, I don’t want to bother him. It has to be complicated by all those people who wanted him to take it. The day of the recording I gave him a hug and told him that I felt sorry for him and hopefully he will come back one day and take the boat. We both deserved it.

As in the time of Rocío Jurado and Isabel Pantoja, Spain has been divided into two: that of Orestes and that of Rafa.

Yes, but Orestes’ Spain was bigger than Rafa’s. He makes himself want more than me. If I were a normal bystander, I would be with him.

What was the word that you doubted the most when completing the Rosco?

A very normal one: ‘cloister’. And in the last one she had a doubt, she didn’t know if it was ‘zabro’ or ‘zagro’.

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“I told you so,” Barbara Rey was heard giving her a hug after winning the pot. What was it that she had told him?

He told me that she used to give people luck. She’s not the first person to tell me. Well, I looked at her as if to say. ‘Yes, yes, but don’t think that she had anything to do with it’ (laughs).

Have you ever thought about throwing in the towel in these ten months on ‘Pasapalabra’?

No not at all. When I’ve lost three shows in a row, I’ve gotten pissed off, but thanks to the ‘Blue Chair’ you can always come back. In the last program I said that ‘the Romans won wars because when they killed a legion, they came back with two more legions. They never gave up.’ And that was the mentality.

Why did you study journalism and why don’t you practice?

I liked writing, but that’s a misconception of a reason to study journalism. In addition, I started in 2008, when journalism was experiencing an identity crisis and my vocation was passing me by. I don’t practice because I don’t see myself working on it. I know it’s a beautiful profession but it also requires sacrifices and it doesn’t compensate me.

One last question, you know perfectly the dictionary of the RAE. Is he one of those who accentuates ‘solo’? What do you think of the latest controversy?

I have always accented alone. It is one of these RAE decisions that I do not understand why they do it. But I also follow the rules and when I have written something more official, I have not put it, because the RAE recommended that it not be done. It strikes me that it has backed down, but that means that the RAE has a waist.