NBA: Doncic returns seven games later, achieves 33 + 12 + 8 and reassures the fight for the Mavericks Playoffs | NBA 2019



Doncic, in his last game.

Luka Doncic He returned to the NBA courts seven games after suffering a sprained right ankle, and he did it as if nothing had happened. 33 points, twelve rebounds and eight assists before the Sacramento Kings to become the first player in league history to achieve 17 matches of 30 or more points and ten or more rebounds before the age of 21.

The Mavericks they had three defeats in the last four games and needed a win that calmed the doubts that begin to arise in the team and the league over their season finale. They have gone from fighting with Nuggets, Clippers and Jazz for the second place in the West to see the latest positions of the Playoffs. Right now add up 33 wins and 22 losses, one less than Rockets, one more than Thunder and they have eight advantage games over Blazers, ninth of the conference.

The presence of the Slovenian and the Texan franchise in the Playoffs seems to be assured, but after stopping by the All-Star begin the fight to be seeded. For Dallas, with a young squad and lack of experience, being one of the first four, avoiding any of the two teams in Los Angeles and playing more games at the AT&T Center than it was, it seems vital.

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