Madrid has a problem: James, with the worst market value

James Rodriguez still immersed in a season of many ups and downs. The non-presence in the calls and their constants injuries They have dynamited you at their lowest market value.

We go back to its beginnings, in Banfield, where James Rodriguez He started to emerge and signed with 19 years for the Port, with a market value in crescendo that started at 4.5 million euros and ended at 32 million euros with its incorporation into the Monaco. A similar market value, to the James of 2013, is the one you are currently. In fact, in the Principality he reached the 35 million euros and in 40 ‘kilos’ it is right now.

He signed for him Real Madrid and reached its peak in valuation during the 2015 season with 80 million euros. It shone to the sound of Carlo Ancelotti and aimed to eat the world. Benitez and Zinedine Zidane arrived so that James He moved into the background and that affected him considerably in his assessment. (The money that Madrid will save in salaries if it changes to Odegaard for James)

Its climax came in the assignment to Bayern Munich. In Germany it revalued the 50 kg' to the 70 million euros. In Bavaria they threatened with their definitive purchase, but James stayed at the Bernabéu. Now he has come back down to 40 million euros and Real Madrid has a good problem. Those are the figures that will handle the clubs that intend to sign in summer. You still have months to reverse the situation and get back on the roller coaster of market valuations.