NBA DFS Picks: DraftKings Plays and Strategy for Monday, November 6

NBA DFS Picks: Tips and Plays over Monday, November 6 on DraftKings

There isn’t just one way to win NBA DFS games on sites including FanDuel along with DraftKings, but one way is to keep an eye on the injury list.

When a star or highly-used player is mentioned as out, you please can often find a replacement player who will give you an excellent return on your NBA DFS lineup investment.

Devin Vassell, who scores 19.4 points a game for San Antonio and could be an example on Monday, is marked as out. Branham got the start in the same situation last game and scored 16 points by making 8 of 9 shots.

Adding a cheap player like Branham to your roster would make room in your NBA DFS price cap for Victor Wembanyama.

On Monday, you could also spend a lot of money on star players like Nikola Jokic, LeBron James, and Zion Williamson.

Before making the NBA DFS picks, make sure to read SportsLine’s Mike McClure’s NBA DFS tips, player rankings, stacks, as well as top daily basketball fantasy picks.

McClure is a skilled DFS player who has won over $2 million in the past. He also works at SportsLine as a predictive data engineer and uses a powerful model to make predictions.

This model runs every minute for every game 10,000 times, taking into account things like matchups, statistical trends, and injuries.

This lets him find the ideal NBA DFS deals and put together the best lineups, which he only shares at SportsLine. Any NBA DFS player needs to see them.

On both sites on Sunday, McClure talked about Trail Blazers center Malcolm Brogdon as a few of his top picks from his NBA DFS player pool.

Brogdon scored 18 points, dished out 11 assists, and grabbed 7 boards. On DraftKings, he returned 47.25 points, and on FanDuel, he returned 44.9 points. Those who had him in their lists were well on their way to making money that day.

Tonight’s schedule is a little off. We’ll call it a 12-game highlighted slate with a twist. It’s the second night of a back-to-back for four teams: Dallas, Golden State, San Antonio, and Detroit.

However, there shouldn’t be too many problems with managing the schedule since there is no basketball on Tuesday.

Tuesday is the first day of the week for the NBA, with 12 games planned. Some of the most interesting games are when the Heat play the Lakers and when the Clippers play the Knicks.

Let’s talk about some Yahoo players you might want to look at and some you might want to stay away from.

The three NBA games on Monday aren’t very many, but both DraftKings and FanDuel still have a lot of big GPP choices.

There’s no doubt that this slate is made for championships. The Warriors have a huge advantage over the Heat. Boston, on the other hand, has won eight straight games and hasn’t given up more than 94 points.

In the other game, the Nets or Suns will play again after their 122-114 win last week. The over/under for that game is the biggest of the night, and the spread is only one point.

It’s important to remember that just a few of the best picks are found in the Playbook below.

We always want the best players, but we also want to offer players with a range of salaries. Most of those involved are mentioned by their FD roles, but they may be able to do other jobs on other sites.

With more DK options, it seems easy to mix and match. We have a lot of PF/C guys to choose from on Monday, so that is pretty much the case at the C.