In the morning, should Seahawks fans start to freak out?

In the morning, should Seahawks fans start to freak out?

Let’s look back at Monday. The Seattle Seahawks made the biggest move in the day. They were in first place at the NFC West after beating the Cleveland Browns and were looking to keep it.

When the Seahawks traded for Giants defensive end Leonard Williams, they made one thing clear: they think they can win the division.

The AFC North-leading Baltimore Ravens beat the Seahawks 37–3. This is the team’s worst loss since the 2017 42–7 loss to the Rams, which was very embarrassing.

The Ravens had won their last three games in a row before this one. Their defense gave up the fewest points and their running game was one of the best in the league.

There is a chance that the Seattle Seahawks will miss the playoffs for the second time since Russell Wilson was drafted in 2012. However, the star QB doesn’t seem to be freaking out.

Wilson went on Twitter with what seemed to be a message to Seahawks fans the day after Seattle lost 17–15 to Washington. “The breakthrough is coming!” was part of the message.

They are now 3-8 for the year. In their last seven games, they’ve lost six and won only once, when facing the Jacksonville Jaguars.

On Sunday, they’ll play at home against their division rivals, the San Francisco 49ers. It will be another tough game.

For the Seahawks to have a chance at making the playoffs, they would probably have to win out. That is not likely to happen.

That makes sense, given how badly Russell Wilson’s leg bent on that hit in the third quarter of Sunday’s 37–18 win in the 49ers at CenturyLink Field.

Wilson left the game because of what he while the team called a sprained created knee. He had already been playing alongside a high right ankle sprain.

Early indications are that Russell Wilson wants to play next Sunday against the NY Jets in New Jersey. He will then take the week off to rest and heal his bruised right ankle and left knee.

Most teams don’t like having a week off this early in the season, but Seattle couldn’t have asked for a better time off than Week 5.

The Seahawks’ best case situation is that their MRI doesn’t show anything and Wilson can play next week with the Jets, even though he’s not fully recovered.

He will have a week off after the trip for New York to rest and heal. The worst thing that could happen is that he runs late.

This is the Seahawks’ offense from late 2015. It has the same flow and speed, with quick passes and lengthy runs.

There were new faces, but there were also old friends. That being said, Seattle’s other unit did press the pause button for one week.

Christine Michael, the running back for the Seahawks, lived up to the hype. The Woke Bloke ran through San Francisco to feed 106 yards on 20 carries, taking advantage of his strength and speed to beat the opponent.

On Seattle’s third play from scrimmage, Michael scored the first touchdown with a run of 41 yards.

Even without the highlights, he frequently fought off defenders, avoided tackles, and fought for extra yards.

We like Thomas Rawls, who but Michael, who’s who scored two touchdowns, deserves to be the hot hand while Seattle gets ready for their next three games against the Jets, Falcons, and Cardinals.

This week, nobody in Seattle talks about the Seahawks’ grade; everyone is too busy worrying about Russell Wilson’s knee.

He had to flee the game because he got hit hard in the second half. But he threw over 243 yards and a score before he left.

The Seahawks may have found someone to take the place of Marshawn Lynch, which is good news. In the game against the Niners, Christine Michael rushed for 106 yards along with two scores.

Things are good in Seattle again this year. This has been going on for a while. According to the latest news, one of their worst players has sparked the attack, which could be a huge boost for a top NFC contender.