Naty Abascal does not lift her head: “She is devastated and prays a lot for her son to be free”

In October we learned that Luis Medina He would finally go to the bench for the alleged 'mask case' scam. Since the investigation opened in 2022, Naty Abascal He doesn't raise his head. The model, desperate about the situation, has those around her worried.

“She is devastated. She prays a lot for her son to be free,” people close to her tell the magazine. Readings this Wednesday. Since the scandal broke, Abascal's public reappearances have been few and he has always remained silent in response. Aware of the media interest in the judicial situation of his son, he takes great care of his appearances and his words.

Luis Medina, on the bench

In October, Judge Adolfo Carretero issued the order to open an oral trial against the son of the deceased Duke of Feria and his partner, Alberto Javier Luceñofor the alleged fraud against the Madrid City Council in the sale of medical supplies during the beginning of the pandemic.

This is stated in an order in which an oral trial is opened against Luceño for a continued crime of aggravated fraud, a continued crime of forgery in a commercial document committed by an individual, and a continued crime of forgery in an official document committed by a private individual. Regarding Medina, an oral trial is opened for a continued crime of aggravated fraud and for a continued crime of forgery in a commercial document committed by an individual. The competent body to judge this procedure will be the Provincial Court of Madrid.

The prosecutor also considered that it is appropriate to order the confiscation of the assets currently seized, as well as any others in the possession of the accused up to the amount of 4,623,350.05 euros in the case of Luceño and the amount of 912,700 euros, in the case of Medina.

Deception to the City Council

In the indictment, Adolfo Carretero maintained that the sales and purchases in which those investigated were involved constitute a case of “legal business criminalized by having deceived the Madrid City Council, fraudulently hiding excessive commissions for any type of business, without having any power.” of the selling company and with falsification of commercial documents”.

Carretero stated that Medina and Luceño “enriched themselves” with this and “harmed” the Municipal Assets in terms of essential goods, such as sanitary materials at the time of the sale “and in amounts exceeding 50,000 euros.” The magistrate also pointed out that Alberto Luceño “deceived Luis Medina himself in the distribution of commissions” and that he “unilaterally set them.”