Natalia Arroyo: “Planning a match against Barça is always the same torture”


The Real Sociedad coach, Natalia Arroyo, has assured that “planning” a match against FC Barcelona, ​​in this case in the final of the Queen’s Cup, is “always the same torture”, and she expects a “vibrant” match. ” and for it to be “long”, and he hoped to be able to win the title and for the Blaugranas to do so “next week” in the Champions League final.

“Planning a match against Barça is always the same torture. We must look a little at what the rest of the rivals have done. This Barça has resolved practically everything with victory, with a win. We have to be right in the first minutes, so that the final is long, that allows us to be alive. The times that we have been closest to doing something against Barça have had a lot to do with that,” he declared at a press conference.

In addition, he insisted that they must “do many things well and be able to read the moments.” “We will not be able to always do the same thing and they will often force us to do many things. We have to try to get out of the moment of greatest problems, try to make them as uncomfortable as possible,” he indicated, emphasizing that in the tie against Chelsea he was “one of the “There are few games in which you see Barça uncomfortable.”

“We will try to take all those references from teams that have scored against them; Benfica scored four goals against them, although it will not be the same lineup tomorrow as in the last group stage match. We have played against Barça in different ways and I am clear that if we base ourselves too much on what Chelsea has done to him, we can fall like we fell with Zubieta,” he added.

On the other hand, the Catalan, who will leave the San Sebastian bench at the end of the season, assured that she would face the final the same even if she did not leave the club. “When I have, I don’t know, 35 finals… It’s my second final and I’ve been loving it for quite a few weeks, just like I did in the previous one. I’ve tried to savor and live all these matches. I know that in the last match I “We will play against Levante, I will get goosebumps. It’s my second final, I’m savoring it as such,” he said.

In this sense, he stated that his future was “just another variable” in recent weeks and that is why “nothing different has been done.” “Maybe I don’t know if there is anyone who celebrates ‘come on, one of the last games here’. I have received a lot of love from people, in the same way that I have received messages throughout the week like ‘full to Zaragoza, to Let’s see if you come back with the cup. We’re looking forward to living this experience with the many people who have spent money to come support us. I don’t experience this game any differently because I announced that I’m leaving,” he stressed.

“It coincides that it will be one of the last games and it coincides that at the moment it will be the last final that I play, of the two that I have been lucky enough to play and compete in at this club. The fourth in five years, I have lived two. The club continues, will continue without me and now what we have is a wonderful final to be able to add the second title to the showcases,” he continued.

In another vein, Arroyo confessed how they are after putting an end to a streak of ten games without winning against Costa Adeje Tenerife. “It was important to win in Tenerife to remove a little of that backpack of tension and doubts that we had in the league, to resolve pending things in the competition. We knew that this week was going to be something else, that what was going to be removed from us was another stage and another trophy, it was not going to have anything to do with the league. We come from a victory, from a clean sheet, from a certain feeling of consistency. These are many of the things that we are going to need tomorrow here against Barcelona,” he pointed out.

He also confessed that he had spoken with the Barça coach, Jonatan Giráldez, his friend and former teammate in the Catalan Federation, who will also leave his team. “Jona and I have called each other, but because he has to make boxes, so do I, and because I wanted to know how he was in these previous hours. Little contact until we crossed paths today. If we meet, I will give him a hug, I am very fond of him,” express.

“We have imagined finals in which, together, we had to play against another rival. It is going to be a vibrant match, hopefully we can both leave as satisfied as possible. Only one is going to leave happy, and even if he is a good friend “I’m not going to be happy if he wins, because it will mean that we haven’t won. I hope he wins next week and, for the sake of sharing, he leaves us this one,” she continued.

Finally, she stated that she is “one of those players who was born to play these games.” “When it’s not a final, in her head she imagines that it’s a final. She’s a player who can score a great goal from a free kick, who gives us a good part of the money here. Manu has class, she has that personality of playing these big games “he concluded.