Nacho Palau’s first words after losing in the Supreme Court against Miguel Bosé: “It is terrible, they have told my children that they do not have two fathers”

“Hi everyone. I want to share this difficult time with you.” that’s how it started Nacho Palau a video published on his social networks on the afternoon of this Thursday, a few hours after knowing the sentence of the supreme courtwhich gives the reason to Miguel Bose by not recognizing his two biological children as ‘brothers’ of those of the Valencian despite the fact that they grew up and lived together the first years of their life.

“Today, finally, my children have not been recognized for what they are from the moment they were born. They have been told that what they live and feel is not true, they have been told that they do not have siblings. It is something terrible,” she laments. the sculptor, visibly affected. “They have also been told, contrary to what they know perfectly well, that they do not have two fathers. All this after five very long and complicated years for everyone.”

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Palau is still in ‘shock’: “I had hope and faith that this would be resolved better. But hey, for the times we live in, steps must be taken in favor of the moments we live in. Society advances and the laws also have to be put in place a day. I send you a big kiss. Thank you for everything”.