Bartzokas: “The champion is not the only successful team in the Euroleague”


The Olympiacos coach, Georgios Bartzokas, praised the path of his team, champion of the Euroleague regular phase and with Vezenkov as MVP, looking since this Friday against Monaco to give himself the opportunity to fight for the title in Kaunas.

“We are very happy to be here. The real goal for us was to get back to the highest level of the EuroLeague. And I think we showed that for the second year in a row. I cannot allow anyone on the team to feel uncomfortable or unhappy about feel that we fail if we don’t win. Because I know that the best coaches and players are here,” he said on Thursday.

The Greek coach appeared at the official press conference before the start of a ‘Final Four’ that they are playing for the second year in a row in search of the club’s fourth title, first since 2013. “We have to enjoy it and that’s what I’m dealing with to convince the players. We are going to enjoy our participation here, we have to give it our all and if in the end we give it our all we will be happy. You cannot sell that the team that wins the title is the only successful team in the Euroleague”, he stated .

“There are a lot of successful teams, even the teams that didn’t make the playoffs, that’s what I think. There’s a lot of good work here and I don’t see any of these teams that can’t make it or that they’re going to fail if they don’t win the title. But of course we are going to do everything possible to win the title, for sure,” he added.

On the other hand, Bartzokas congratulated Vezenkov for his MVP of the season. “I’m very happy, it’s a great feeling that through this process, through the way we played together and came first, Sasha found a way to be so important to the team and not himself, despite his Incredible numbers. I am very happy for Sasha because he is a great boy and works hard, but I am also very happy for the club.”