“My children are what I love most”

Calm, happy and looking forward to touring this summer. This has been shown Kiko Rivera this Thursday before the cameras, which he has attended in a display of sympathy that we had not enjoyed for a long time. The DJ reorganized his priorities a couple of years ago, when a stroke almost cost him his life, and since then he has stayed away from controversies and problems. Focused on his wife, Irene Rosalesand his three children, the musician has assured that he is in his best moment: “I’m taking care of myself as much as I can, I don’t go out practically anywhere and I’m excited about my career.”

Proud of his success, he assures: “I consider that I am in the best moment, not only for myself but for the people around me. I have been fighting all these years of my career more alone than ever, today I have a team of work and a record company that has trusted me.

Kiko’s smile escaped when talking about his music but, above all, when talking about his children: “They are the best thing that has happened to me in my life. Francisco is very good, let’s hope he is not like his father when he was young, and my girls are special, they are the ones I live with every day”, has said. Quite a dart for his mother, Isabel Pantoja, with whom he has not spoken for several years and who last Saturday referred to his grandchildren (including Alberto, Isa Pi’s son), from the stages of Almería: “This It’s for my four,” he said, dedicating one of his songs to children.

Finally, Kiko also wanted to dedicate a few words to his wife, Irene Rosales: “She is the fundamental pillar of my life. She is my savior, what my wife has endured and what she has endured with me is a little unbearable. I still don’t understand why and in the end it is because someone loves you so much that they decide to help you”. The musician remembers that she has helped him “in all aspects of my life, my wife has been lifting me up when I needed that help and that is why she is the person I love most in the world along with my children.”

Furthermore, he has assured that Irene is not by his side out of interest, as the evil tongues claim: “When I meet my wife, I am involved in everything bad, I am on my way to ruin, it has been ten years… And today “The first time they break up, no matter how much you see on social media that they are the perfect couple.” And she added: “In the end the concept of a couple is to love each other very much and accept each other as they are, my wife has obtained a master’s degree because the normal thing would have been for her to tell me to fuck off because I was very bad psychologically.”