Carmen Borrego messes up in a store when she returns a gift from her husband: “I don’t want this shit”

These are difficult days for the little girl from Las Campos, who has suffered the open rejection of her son Jose Maria after congratulating him on his birthday. She did it with a nice message that has remained unanswered, like the one he sent a few days before to his grandson Marc, with whom he has not been able to celebrate his first anniversary of life. And, as is usually the case, one pays for one’s miseries with those closest to one another. In this case, Jose Carlos Bernal. The husband of Carmen Borrego He gave his wife a gift that she didn’t like and she went to return it very angry.

“I don’t want this shit he bought me”. This was the phrase with which Carmen Borrego introduced herself in a lingerie store, where her husband had purchased a set of underwear the day before. According to Not even if we were shhh, The talk show host had visited said establishment a few days before to inform the shop assistants about her husband’s visit and ask them to advise her on buying a set of a certain brand whose prices range between 150 and 500 euros. José Carlos thought it was too expensive and despite the girls’ insistence, he ended up buying a much cheaper outfit that his wife didn’t like, who went to the store to return it, calling the clothes “shit.”

As we said, Borrego is not having a good time. Her estrangement from her son is also accompanied by a very delicate date: next Tuesday, June 18, the day that María Teresa Campos would have turned 83 years old. It will be the first anniversary they celebrate after her death, on September 5, and they will pay tribute to her with a mass in the Santa María de Caná parish, in Pozuelo de Alarcón. They will do it, yes, a day before, because Borrego has signed with a magazine to occupy the cover of that week. They claim that this movement has not pleased her sister, Terelu, who intended to remember her mother in a more intimate event.