Mustache Arrocet’s words after learning about the death of his ex-girlfriend: “I didn’t know Teresita was feeling so bad”

Edmundo Arrocetthe great love of Maria Teresa Campos for more than six years, he has also had farewell words for the queen of the mornings this Tuesday, August 5. In 2019, when they ended their relationship, María Teresa assured: “That Edmundo ends does not mean that the world ends.” Now, the Argentine-Chilean comedian says goodbye to her in Espejo Público.

From a distance, he has assured that he was unaware of the seriousness of María Teresa’s state of health: “My representative called me this morning and told me that Teresita was no longer with us.” The comedian has confessed that he has been away for a long time, “about six months”, and has acknowledged that he was not “aware that he was so bad”.

Mustache Arrocet was the last great love of María Teresa. A courtship that she started on the television set of What a happy time!. The Argentine-Chilean comedian visited the program and the spark arose in 2012. The following years were years of kisses, hugs and romantic walks. Until he said goodbye to her for WhatsApp. Then sadness and reproach broke out for such a cold break. It was in 2019.