Helmut Marko: “‘Checo’ Pérez is not consistent, he is not always focused”


The former driver and current Red Bull adviser Helmut Marko acknowledged that the Mexican Sergio Pérez “is not consistent” and “is not always focused”, while he valued the option of the British Lando Norris, “definitely a candidate” to be Max Verstappen’s partner. for his “youth and speed”.

“Pérez is not consistent, he is not always focused,” Marko criticized in statements published by GP Blog and collected by Europa Press, in which he recalled that the Mexican “is over 30 years old and is expecting his fourth child.” “Therefore, he also has other interests, so we have to see what happens next,” he said about the future of ‘Checo’ at Red Bull.

The 33-year-old Mexican has a year left on his contract with the Austrian team, so the ‘energetic’ adviser welcomes betting on a younger talent, like Lando Norris, who has a contract with McLaren until 2025 “He’s definitely a candidate for us,” he admitted.

“At Toro Rosso we had already reached an agreement with him at that time, until his manager realized that there was an option for a contract with McLaren. In terms of youth and speed, he would be very suitable for us,” he analyzed.

However, Marko pointed out that to be Verstappen’s partner, with a contract until 2028, “a very strong personality and mentality” is needed. “On the one hand, the seat at Red Bull is one of the most sought after, but on the other hand, you also have Max Verstappen as an opponent,” he concluded.