Muguruza: “I think the return of tennis will give us surprises”

Garbiñe Muguruza went through the microphones of El Larguero de la Cadena SER together with Manu Carreño to analyze how he has lived the confinement at his home in Geneva and how he prepares his return to competition, where he will try to maintain the high level shown at the beginning of the season.

Competition stop: “It's been a long time since we stopped playing but I have enjoyed a forced physical rest. But yes, the competition is missed. Both training tires and those of us who like to compete want to return”

Indian Wells: “I was in Indian Wells and when they told us that there was no tournament it was a shock. Now, with time, you give yourself time that it was a logical decision. We were about to play and little by little everything started to collapse. We were also thinking whether to stay for future tournaments or when and how to go before the possible closure of airports, and when Trump announced the possible closure of flights we decided to return to Europe and each one to their homes. “

I brake a great moment of form: “The break that is playing well is bad and that is playing bad, it is also bad. For me, who had been playing very well and who felt very good at the Australian Open, I had the feeling of wanting to continue, but I had to put up with it. For everyone it has been annoying having to stop. “

Confinement in Switzerland: “It was a shock. From almost 10 years without stopping, traveling … I had never been in the same place for so long, in years that I had not spent more than a month in the same place. It was interesting, I took advantage and also I've been lazy for a while. Fortunately here we have been able to go out, there has not been total confinement and yes I have been able to continue with my training, not at the same level because we do not know when and where we will be able to play again, but it was a joy “

How has the quarantine passed? “The fact of cooking is enough already. I am always out and I don't have time. I really like sweets, especially flans. I have also been studying, I have done several courses, I have also been able to do some interviews like Ricky Rubio and also to an American swimmer, to try on the other side, chats with girls, I have written my first article in Vogue … I have been active and entertained. And I have also been able to see beautiful places, medieval cities, castles and nature from Switzerland”.

His first article on Vogue: “It was the right time to stop and think, to reflect … That article came out right away with what I feel. I always wanted to do it. I like to write, it has always given me something to share. I like many things to dedicate myself after tennis Right now I am a tennis player but I want to try other things and then value it. “

Great start to the season: “I think I have put the puzzle together again, we have done a great job in preseason and I have been training very hard and I have put more level, concentration, talent and physics all together, something that is difficult to achieve, and yes I am happy for the level I showed. I felt really good at the Australian Open and it's a shame this happened. “

The bump after winning Roland Garros: “It was a combination of things. I was very up and I had to digest everything very early, a lot of success at an early age, many goals accomplished at once and I had to know how to manage it. It was a difficult season, also one of results. I had high expectations, I was getting A lot of pressure. I wanted a lot and when sometimes you want it so much, the opposite happens. I am very stubborn and I have continued training because I knew that at some point things would turn out and sometimes I get the best of myself in the best scenarios, it gives us more hope “

The role of Conchita Martínez: “It has had a lot of influence. I do not think there is anyone who does magic, it has been a combination of many things. Conchita and I have an exceptional relationship. We have matured in some things, analyzing what works for us and what does not. It has been adjusting things in various ways “

Possible timing of his return: “The schedule is a mystery. We want to play in New York, we don't know if we will go to Washington. Then we will come to Europe for the ground tour but I am seeing what is happening because you never know what will happen with the tournaments. In principle it will be Cincinnati and the US Open in New York and then Madrid, Rome and Paris. It will be like coming from nowhere to play very important tournaments one after another. It will be a challenge for all of us to see how we manage it. I think there will be surprises “

Doubts about the US Open: “It is in everyone's head, since it is the first great tournament. I think that if they celebrate it they will do it well because there they know how to do it and there is also a lot for the tournament. Everything is very unexpected, new things happen every day”

Djokovic's positive for coronavirus: “It was important news. It is very surprising. We are in a very delicate situation and we have to take into account how to hold tournaments. Other events could have been done with more care and it was clearly seen with the Djokovic tournament”

Win a trophy or climb the ranking? “I focus more on the trophies, being up in the ranking is great and it is very exciting to meet goals but there is nothing like lifting a glass, taking it home, touching it and feeling it. The ranking is very fleeting. You go up and down. week you are going well, you go up, if a week you go bad, you go down. I think it has more value to raise a glass than the ranking “.