Granada – Valencia live

Min. 00We said goodbye after having told you everything that happened in this meeting, thank you for having accompanied us one more day, see you soon.

Min. 00On the following day, Valencia will receive Real Valladolid on Tuesday, who today has practically certified their permanence with a 1-0 victory against Alavés. Granada, meanwhile, will visit Real Sociedad on Friday.

Min. 00The point is not very useful for a Valencia that still does not win and that sees its European options move a little further, they will have to wait for the results of their direct rivals on this day.

Min. 00Only five minutes later Guedes scored a goal to turn the scoreboard but the Nasrid team had time to score a second goal, Fede Vico's work to tie and even generate another chance in what remained until the conclusion.

Min. 00After a goalless first half in which Granada generated a little more danger, the shock had provided everything for the second half. In the 61st minute the local team opened the penalty score through Carlos Fernández but Valencia equaled it immediately with a goal from Manu Vallejo.

Min. 00END OF THE MEETING. Distribution of points between Granada and Valencia that remain equal in the table, both now with 47 points.

Min. 90Yellow card to Daniel Wass for a foul on Machís.

Min. 90On the verge of completing the addition of this meeting, Kondogbia opens the band towards Guedes but clears the defense. Valencia is in a hurry, there are only a few seconds left.

Min. 90Mangala returns to recover in the area into which Soldado had entered, the local team has claimed Valencia's player hand in the area. Against quick of those of Voro that finish in a corner kick, the box draws its options che.

Min. 90Yellow card to Yangel Herrera for a foul on Guerrero.

Min. 90Valencia has gone out again after a few good minutes and now it is Granada who is looking for victory again.

Min. 90Machís enters the area as a cyclone from the left but Mangala appears to cut his center looking for a partner, Diego Martínez laments from the bench area.

Min. 90Lateral foul in favor of Granada launched by Fede Vico and the ball ends in the hands of Cillessen who serves fast.

Min. 90Cordero Vega adds seven minutes to this second half, the Voro team still has time to try to get ahead again in the light.

Min. 90Yellow card for the author of Valencia's second goal, Gonçalo Guedes.

Min. 89Change the sign of the game again when there are only two minutes left to reach 90 in Los Cármenes. The goal round, Guedes for Valencia and now Fede Vico on the day of his 26th birthday.

Min. 88Change at Valencia, Dani Parejo retires and Kondogbia enters.

Min. 87GOOOL GRANADA 2 – Valencia 2. Fede Vico takes a free-kick and the ball sneaks into Cillessen's goal.

Min. 85Another good occasion for Soldier! The Granada player laments because his shot went somewhat off target.

Min. 84And Carlos Neva retires to enter the Dias field.

Min. 84Double change in Granada, Germán Sánchez leaves and Jesús Vallejo enters.

Min. 82Fourth change at Valencia, Kevin Gameiro leaves and Rubén Sobrino enters.

Min. 78The minutes are running and now it is Valencia who wants them to pass faster, the three points serve to temporarily beat Athletic in the table and maintain options to fight for Europe.

Min. 76The game stops, the hydration pause arrives.

Min. 74Cillessen stop! Granada responds with a shot by a Soldier who successfully solves the goal of Valencia that has already starred in two good interventions in this match.

Min. 74Gameiro fails to finish off successfully and saves Rui Silva, the French player had a good opportunity.

Min. 73Fede Vico was looking for Roberto Soldado in the area but Valencia recovers, which has significantly improved his performance in the last minutes.

Min. 73Another change in Granada, the second, Víctor Díaz retires and Antonio Puertas enters.

Min. 70In a few minutes everything has happened in this game, Granada went ahead from a penalty, Valencia immediately equalized and only five minutes later the newly incorporated Guedes turned the scoreboard.

Min. 69GOOOL Granada 1 – VALENCIA 2. Great goal from Gonçalo Guedes who receives the ball from Gabriel Paulista and shoots a powerful shot from outside the area before which Rui Silva can do nothing.

Min. 69Assists Gabriel Armando de Abreu

Min. 67And the first change in Granada, Eteki left the field of play and Fede Vico entered.

Min. 67And Denis Cheryshev leaves to leave his post to Guedes.

Min. 67Double change at Valencia, Manu Vallejo retires and Maxi Gómez enters.

Min. 65Well, Valencia has remedied part of their ills, they have been behind for a short time on the scoreboard but things are back to the way they were before and one point is still insufficient for Voro's team.

Min. 64Assists Denis Cheryshev

Min. 64GOOOL Granada 1 – VALENCIA 1. Valencia reacted immediately and Manu Vallejo equalized the score again with a low shot against the post.

Min. 63The encounter is even more complicated for Voro's team because he is already behind on the scoreboard. Another defeat would be a blow to the box that the LaLiga restart is not doing well at all.

Min. 62GOOOOL GRANADA 1 – Valencia 0. Carlos Fernández opens the scoring from the penalty spot and Diego Martínez's box is already on the scoreboard.

Min. 59PENALTY IN FAVOR OF GRANADA! Coquelin's foul on Carlos Fernández who does not hesitate to point out the referee.

Min. 55Bad control of Gameiro in the midfield but Valencia maintains possession, the Frenchman sneaks into the area, opens to Wass but Soler fouls Carlos Neva in attack.

Min. 54Granada is taking the initiative again in this second half and at the moment it does not give options to a Valencia that needs to take a step forward if they want to get something positive in this match.

Min. 52Carlos Neva fell near the baseline but the referee indicated a goal kick in favor of Valencia.

Min. 49Domingos Duarte shot that crashes into the post! Granada have had it again, Cillessen had no option to reach the ball in case he had slipped into his goal.

Min. 48Cento from Foulquier played by Soldado, the ball returns to Foulquier who tries to leave Cheryshev but is forced to delay Víctor Díaz due to the pressure. The play continues but there are no gaps for Granada. Machís centers from the left but the ball hits Soler, a corner kick for the locals.

Min. 47Guerrero who makes his debut with the Valencian first team shirt trying to give his team another air. Valencia have not made a single shot in the entire first half, it is the first time that it happens before the break in a LaLiga match since April 2018 against Leganés.

Min. 47Voro has made a change in the intermission, Jaume Costa leaves and Adriá Guerrero enters the field of play.


Min. 01Everything to be decided in the face of the second half and the obligation, above all for Valencia, to give everything for everything to get the points at stake.

Min. 01Valencia tried but they barely approached Rui Silva's goal with intention. Of course, it was close to giving the locals a dislike already in the addition in a Gameiro center that did not narrowly reach the Vallejo area

Min. 01About 45 minutes that began with enough equality although Granada had more the ball to, little by little, go getting more to the opposite goal. The team of Diego Martínez gave more sensation of danger than his rival, with an active Machís and a great opportunity for Carlos Fernández with a header in the 39th minute that Cillessen successfully saved.


Min. 45The game stopped after a foul when the addition of this period has been completed.

Min. 45Gameiro center that Vallejo does not reach! Víctor Díaz appears to deflect the ball with a shoe kick. First dangerous action by the visiting team.

Min. 45First yellow card of the match, is seen by Dimitri Foulquier for a fault on Manu Vallejo.

Min. 45Three minutes added in this first half that is nearing its end, for the moment without goals.

Min. 45Gameiro is lying on the ground and covers his face with his hands, it seems that he was hit in the face after the previous play with Víctor Díaz but he gets up and can continue without problems.

Min. 44Players from both teams are already warming up, we will see if there is any movement before the break or if the 22 start continue on the green. Less than two minutes to comply with the regulatory time of the first part.

Min. 43Low shot by Soldier who wins Mangala's position but the ball goes off target. The Granada player had little angle that has generated another occasion for his team.

Min. 42The game enters the last minutes of this first half and the marker has not moved, the closest has been to do so is Granada.

Min. 40Cillessen stop! Center from the left of Neva towards Carlos Fernández who heads with everything in favor and takes the goal of Valencia with many reflections. The best occasion without a doubt of what is going on.

Min. 37The player from Granada recovers the ball again but loses it soon. Nor does Voro's team last long on his feet and Carlos Fernández looks long for Machís who does not arrive and the ball leaves the baseline.

Min. 37The referee indicates that there was nothing in that play and the game is restarted in Los Cármenes. Machís center that Forced ends Herrera and Cillessen saves.

Min. 35The ball hit Mangala and in that action it was in which Granada claimed the maximum penalty but it seems that the ball hit him in the side. Cordero Vega consults with the VAR.

Min. 33Corner kick launched by Granada and the local team asks for a penalty, Carlos Fernández claims a possible hand and the visitor Gabriel Paulista has been lying on the ground, the referee stops the game.

Min. 31Stop so that the players can hydrate, both approach the band, next to the benches, and the technicians give instructions.

Min. 28A long shot with force from Coquelin that saves as Rui Silva can but the action was invalidated due to a lack of attack by Valencia.

Min. 26Carlos Neva's cross into the area, no one gets to finish and Cillessen fists to ward off the danger of his goal.

Min. 23Daniel Wass takes a throw-in, puts a lot of pressure on Granada but at the moment manages to progress with him the whole of Voro. Vallejo controls on the edge of the area, tries to combine with Coquelin but recovers the defense.

Min. 21Víctor Díaz center looking for a Soldier who clears the defense but returns to the Granada team. Finally Machís does not understand Carlos Neva and Valencia recovers the ball.

Min. 20Gabriel Paulista cuts the progression of Machís who is being the protagonist in this initial phase of the meeting. Throw-in in favor of the locals.

Min. 17Valencia has not yet managed to get close to Rui Silva's goal, Voro's have not yet finished off, who can not afford more stumbles if they want to continue to choose a position in European competition for the coming season.

Min. 16Foulquier cross from the right towards the area, Machís fails to finish off and the ball reaches Neva which puts him from the left in a forced position and Cillessen saves without problems.

Min. 14Light possession of the ball favorable to Granada in this initial phase of the match, around 55%. At the moment the only arrival with danger has been the one that ended with the shot outside of Machís after three minutes of play.

Min. 12Parejo fault that allows Machís to get the ball but rectifies Valencia through Wass to prevent danger from reaching his goal.

Min. 09This is the second game for Salvador González “Voro” in his new stage at the Valencian club after the dismissal of Albert Celades, he did not start on the right foot as he lost the first 0-2 to Athletic. In total, this is the 34th meeting for Valencia that he leads in the top flight. Granada were already measured with the ché team in April 2017 with a 1-3 win at home.

Min. 08Throw-in thrown by Machís and no teammate connects and the play ends with a throw-in in favor of Valencia.

Min. 06Parejo does not understand with Wass and is a throw-in in favor of the local team that delays Rui Siva. Try again Granada moving it from one band to another in search of spaces.

Min. 05Duarte takes the ball long towards Carlos Fernández who does not arrive, Valencia recovers the ball, with Machís missing Gabriel Gabriel.

Min. 03Machís was for very little! His shot went off very narrowly after receiving the ball in the center of the area and crossing it excessively. The assistant indicated an anti-regulatory position but Machís was not, Neva did but the ball did not go towards him.

Min. 03Diego Martínez's team recovered the ball when Gameiro tried to combine in the area after a play by Wass.

Min. 02Lack of Soldier on Parejo and ball for Valencia trying to gain control in these early stages, aware of their need to add the three points.


Min. 00In Valencia, the starting line-up is made up of Cillessen, Wass, Gabriel Paulista, Mangala, Jaume Costa, Soler, Parejo, Coquelin, Cheryshev, Manu Vallejo and Gameiro.

Min. 00Alignments in both sets are already known. Granada formed with Rui Silva, Víctor Díaz, Germán Sánchez, Domingos Duarte, Neva, Eteki, Herrera, Foulquier, Carlos Fernández, Machís and Soldado.

Min. 00To all the problems of Valencia, Rodrigo Moreno's injury has been added, which he loses for the remainder of the season due to the partial rupture of the knee ligament. Gayá also remains low due to injury and they are joined by Ferrán Torres and Piccini.

Min. 00The problems for Granada come from the losses with which he faces this match. Gonalons, Vadillo and Montoro join those already known to Lozano, Quini and Álex Martínez, all of them due to injury.

Min. 00Valencia faces this shock after losing the previous three. He has only had one victory since the LaLiga restart (one win, one draw and four losses), 2-0 against Osasuna on June 21. His last defeats have been two as a visitor, against Eibar and Villarreal, and one at Mestalla, against Athletic, without scoring any goals in those three games.

Min. 00A Granada that after four games without winning, two draws and two defeats, was reunited with victory on the last day when they beat Alavés 0-2. He has lost his last two games at home, his worst losing streak in a row at Los Cármenes this season.

Min. 00The numbers in the last confrontations favor Valencia since the people of Granada have not won against the che in their last 14 confrontations in LaLiga, with only seven goals scored in this period and 24 conceded, two draws and 12 defeats.

Min. 00The opposite side is that of Valencia whose objective was much higher and right now could even stay out of European positions. Troubled waters in Valencia after the bad results in this restart of competition and the dismissal of Albert Celades.

Min. 00For those of Diego Martínez, a team promoted to LaLiga a year ago, the campaign is a success, very close to European positions at this point and after reaching the Copa del Rey semifinals.

Min. 00Two even teams in the table, both with 46 points, the Nasrids in ninth position and the Che in tenth, although they started the season with different objectives.

Min. 00Good afternoon and welcome to enjoy with us this last game on Saturday in LaLiga that faces Granada and Valencia.