Mourinho, el salvador merengue

If there is a coach who has had an impact on the recent history of the Real Madrid -with permission from Zidane– that's José Mourinho. And now, eight years after his departure, he is being the ‘savior’ of the operation that came out of the white team and, above all, that of Bale, one of the biggest problems remembered in La Castellana.

The Portuguese, loved and hated by Real Madrid, wants in ‘his’ Tottenham two of the discards of Zidane (Reguilón and Bale) that the white team has put on the showcase to face the economic consequences of Covid-19.

The signing of both solves the big problem that Real Madrid had. Especially with Bale, the player who paid the most and who had the least. In whatever way (transfer or sale) the white accounts will notice it and the rest of the tension between the fan-player-coach triangle, too.

While in the handover of Reguilón, if the purchase option raised by the MadridIt also benefits whites. This nuance in his contract, in addition, is what would have made the club's balance tip in favor of the Spurs and not of United, which did not contemplate that option. All advantages from Mourinho.