Huesca closes the transfers of Borja García and Siovas

The Sociedad Deportiva Huesca wants to learn from the mistakes of the past and this season's transfer market is facing it in a very different way than it did in 2018. In the premiere in the highest category, the Huesca people bet on the market for assignments (Semedo, Longo, Axel Werner) and transfers by players without experience in Spanish football (Musto, Gürler) and the shot … it backfired. .

In the winter market of that year they learned their lesson signing players who marked the differences in the Second Division, such as Enric Gallego and Javi Galán, but they arrived when the team was already sentenced. The current idiosyncrasy of the Alto Aragonese goes through small transfers, but give him an advantage over his competitors and Siovas from Leganés for one million euros and Borja García from Girona for two millionThey will be the next to arrive at Míchel Sánchez's staff.

Borja García, whose signing is already official until 2023, arrives at the age of 29 and has a proven experience in the First Division at the hands of the Catalan team and Córdoba, and he comes to be key in the core of Huesca. Siovas, at 32 years old, knows perfectly what it is to fight for permanence with Leganés, and the club takes an international defender for Greece who aims to be Pulido's regular partner behind Míchel. The Huesca team also paid a transfer for Andrés Fernández to Villarreal and has secured two purchase options for Sergio Gómez to Borussia Dortmund and Pablo Maffeo to Stuttgart, which confirm that Rubén García's style, as the head of the sports management, is very different from the style of the Aragonese in the past.