Mourinho criticizes the VAR: “The referee is in an office”

Tottenham fell with a crash against Sheffield but the game could have changed in the 33rd minute if the referee had not overturned Harry Kane's equalizer. The VAR saw a previous hand, after a rebound from Bergwijn, the ball fell to Kane who beat Henderson low. The both, very controversial, did not go up to the scoreboard to the disbelief of Tottenham.

Hopefully MOurinho spoke of the play after the crash and did not disappoint, harshly criticizing the VAR system. “I never complain about the man with the whistle. He doesn't want to talk about Michael Oliver, I want to be on the bench the next game. He is not the referee. He is now the assistant referee. The line judges are the assistants to the assistant referee. The referee is hidden in an office. It is not that I feel that way, it is the reality. The lineman makes a decision, but technology ends up deciding. Decisions on penalties, hands and fouls are not made by the referee “said the Portuguese. To which he continued: “I cannot say how I feel because I would be in trouble with the institutions, and suspended. And I want to protect myself and my club, so I can't be honest. Don't ask me, I won't say it

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On the role of his players he also had some words. “We have to do better, we have to be mentally stronger to cope with what happened in the game. We cannot die mentally after Michael Oliver's decision. I know it is very difficult to do. I'm not happy because we play with a very offensive team “. And to those who sent the odd message: “The fight for the second plays were more humble and more aggressive, I think they gave more than us.”