La Real, indignant with the League for Sangalli's injury

La Real is very upset with the League's medical commission for not granting the possibility of signing after the long-term injury of Luca
Sangalli. In Anoeta's offices, it hurts even more, that it is the League itself that doubts that the reports sent by the txuri urdin club do not correspond to reality.

To locate the facts, we have to go back to August 2017, when the man from San Sebastian was still a Sanse player. It is worth mentioning that the canterano has lost or displaced the patella of his right knee up to three times, the first, almost three years ago. After healing and spending two seasons without symptoms or ailments, it was on December 19, 2019 when the second episode occurred. To the club's amazement, Sangalli in early January he was already training with the group and he even played four games in February.

The third kneecap displacement came on June 10 and it is precisely this that the League does not believe. The Donostiarra, with clear signs of pain, had to leave training after a new torsion occurred. The medical tests carried out corroborated that third injury, definitive for the player and the club to decide to act surgically. When there was a new displacement, the Royal gave the federal withdrawal to Sangalli and asked the League to have the possibility of signing since they consider that the injury is long-lasting, a fact that in the LFP does not contemplate.

Proofs and complaints sent

The Royal has sent up to two medical reports, in addition to the respective videos and images, which corroborate that Luca Sangalli suffered that knee injury on June 10. In the radiographs and in the corresponding training images, the third injury of SangalliThe medical commission of the League, on the other hand, thinks that this third episode has not existed. Real's medical service, how could it be otherwise, is very upset with the LFP since they are doubting the honesty of the club.

The League understands that Luca's injury is chronic and is based on point 2 of the regulations to prevent signing Real. In the entity's reply to the second report of the txuri urdin club, the League doubts that the donostiarra's injury exists. The Real understands that it is harmed since the third dislocation exists and is graphically demonstrated. Doubt about San Sebastian's medical service is what bothers Anoeta the most.

In the three MRIs sent by the Royal to the League, in the first two it is observed that Sangalli has bone edema in the patella area, but not in the third, which does not imply that the injury has occurred. The League is based on that reason to reject the request of the Real.