The Shkendija-Tottenham of the previous round of the Europa League was not played in the same conditions than a conventional soccer game. And for something that can hardly be perceived with the naked eye, much less by television shot. And is that the goals were five centimeters lower than the regulated size. Mourinho, after realizing it, asked UEFA to change them.

Joe Hart and Hugo Lloris, used to living under the sticks, they quickly realized that something was not right. Thus they notified their technician, who, after approaching, had the same feeling. At that moment, Tottenham manager asked UEFA to check. Indeed: they were five centimeters smaller than what the regulation indicates. The change, however, was not possible.

Tottenham Shield / Flag

This aspect did not disrupt the Portuguese's plans, who saw his own prevailing by a goal to three against Shkendija. Besides, he took it with humor. At the end of the meeting, Mourinho published a photo on his Instagram account with the following message: “I thought I had grown, but the reality is that the goals are two inches lower“.

At a press conference, laughing, he explained what happened: “It was funny because my goalkeeper told me that the goal was small. I went to see and it was. Goalkeepers spend all their time in them, that's why we know it. I felt immediately that something was wrong and we managed to get the UEFA delegate in to check that it was two inches, which was too small. We then asked for ones with the right dimensions. “

Tottenham qualified for the next round and is approaching the group stage of the second continental competition. Mou got regular men, along with others with less stripes. Lamella he made the first five minutes into the game. It seemed like it would be a placid night, but Nafiu tied after the restart. They are, in the 70 ', and Harry Kane, in 79 ', they sentenced the match at the Ecolog Arena in Macedonia.