The coach of Granada CF, Diego Martinez, thanked his players for making the Granada players “happy” by overcoming this Thursday 2-0 at Lokomotiv Tbilisi Georgian and earn “the right” to play next week against Malmoe Swede “a final” in their bid to reach the Europa League group stage.

“The team has done a great job and we have earned the right to play a final in Sweden, something totally new for the club that this group has achieved. We have to thank the players for making us happy,” said the coach of the Pomegranate after the crash at a press conference.

Diego said about Thursday's game that his team created “many occasions” and that there was “no action” that compromised them “in defense”, although he acknowledged that they lacked “having scored before.”

“There were chances and continuity in a difficult game, and we had patience and concentration to open the scoring and not make mistakes,” added the coach, who acknowledged that it was a clash, due to the superiority of the rojiblancos over the rival, “different from the that are played in the league. “

Despite the fact that the 1-0 did not occur until the second half, Diego saw “that the goal was going to come” because he has “a lot of confidence in the team” and because “during most of the game the level of pause, confidence and The team's patience has been good. “

The rojiblanco coach asked the fans to “enjoy this historic moment” and “fill their backpack with belief and conviction to continue believing in this group of players when the results are not good.”