MotoGP: Marc Mrquez: “If Lex does not do mrites, next year there will be another teammate”




The six-time MotoGP champion admitted that it would cost them to perform at the premiere in Qatar and sees Yamaha as the most complete motorcycle

Marc Mrquez (left) and lex Mrquez, at Repsol headquarters.

Marc Mrquez (Repsol Honda) stressed that his brother Lex has come to the team “on their own merits” and that, if he fails to meet his goals as 'rookie', he will have “another partner” next season, while acknowledging that “cost a little” pay in the Qatar Grand Prix, but they are “prepared” for the rest of the World Cup.

“I've never banned anyone. When he came Lawrence I delighted, in the end if you are the fastest you have to be even if you have a partner's champion. Yes lex He wants to continue there, he will have to win it on his own merits, as he has done so far, but if he does not succeed there will be another teammate, so is motorcycling. He is older, has enough experience and speed to do his sports career. I focus on the mo “, explained Marc Mrquez, who appeared with his brother at the Repsol headquarters in Madrid.

The oldest in the series acknowledged that “the first opponent is always your teammate”, but “in this case is a 'rookie'”. “Surely it comes with great desire and be a fast driver, but my goal is one and my partner's is another. It is clear that the day we may be fighting for a race and hopefully for the title. look for their interests, “record.

As for his recovery after his operation on his right shoulder, the current MotoGP champion regretted that “this winter has been even harder than the previous one”, in which he also underwent a similar operation. “In the first month of recovery I got better, it cost me a lot the mobility of the shoulder and with a damaged nerve, no matter how much you exercise you get nothing. It was frustrating to see that I was trying and each time it was harder for me to move my arm. a point where the body pedaled me, they didn't have to ask me to stop, “he said.

Although he is “physically good”, I recognized that this right shoulder is “giving more war than normal.” “The operation touched my nerve and the inflammation that occurred caused all recovery periods to lengthen, but I can defend myself on the bike and I'm ready to start the World Cup,” he said.

Compliments to the Yamaha

To these physical problems, he joins that “it has been a difficult preseason in which all Honda drivers” have “suffered more than normal.” “That's what pre-seasons are for, to try to get back on the road if you've lost it. On the last test day we found the problem and my face changed, I smiled again and enjoyed on the bike,” he admitted.

“That relieved us all a lot because we were far away. Time to say, but we are not as bad as I painted the second day in Qatar. Maybe the first race costs us a little, but for the year we are prepared,” he predicted.

As for your renovation With the team for the next five World Cups, Mrquez said that “the idea came mostly from Honda.” “My heart and my feeling has always been Honda, in this team I feel at home and in the end you have to look for that happiness. There was no better project for my next five years of career. The goal is to win and not have distractions for both parts, ”

In addition, the Cervera driver analyzed his rivals a little more than a week after starting the World Cup. “The most complete motorcycle of the preseason has perhaps been the Yamaha, but a Grand Prix is ​​very different from a test. Yamaha has not lost agility in cornering and has gained top speed, they have taken a step without losing a strong point. Ducati has gained more top speed and in certain circuits be important. Suzuki has gained rivalry between his two teammates and that will make them level up, “they say.

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