More mess from Van Dijk's injury: VAR forgot they could check Pickford's entry

The Liverpool derby and in particular the entry of Pickford that has left Van Dijk out of action for quite some time is still waiting in England. Not even the beginning of the Champions League has served to make us forget the action in which the Everton goalkeeper comes out at the feet of the Liverpool defender in a very dangerous way, so much so that he ended up seriously injuring the Dutchman. The last episode is signed by Daily Mail. The English newspaper has revealed that the game's VAR referee “forgot the rules” and that consequently he did not review the goalkeeper's action to assess whether he should be sent off, believing that everything was invalidated by the offside that was pointed out. What was reviewed was the forward position of the Liverpool defender and, as they have explained to the Daily Mail, the VAR referee believed that this invalidated everything that followed and therefore did not review Pickford's input.

According to the English newspaper, this has enraged Liverpool, which has immediately asked the arbitration committee for explanations about what happened, once the version had reached it that the play was not reviewed due to ignorance of the regulations. He Mail quotes high-ranking Liverpool sources, who have told them that the last explanation the club got was that the VAR referee “was too entertained in verifying Van Dijk's offside situation” to have been able to attend to another thing. At first, the president of the Premier's referee committee told Liverpool that the play was reviewed, without considering it to be worthy of a red card. However, the version that is now circulating is different and Liverpool is asking for an urgent clarification on how the incident was managed.