Approved and suspended from Barça after the little hand to Ferencvaros

Net. A match without much history for the Brazilian goalkeeper, who had few opportunities to show off, and also had the crossbar squad as a great ally to a strong shot from Barbosa. The only goal he received was a penalty.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

Sergi Roberto. He had a good ally in Trincao when it came to combining on the right wing. You still have many problems completing your actions successfully. He received a heavy blow to the tibia in the final minutes of the first half, leaving him a bit limp. Koeman decided that he would play a few minutes after the break and replaced him, thinking above all about the Classic.

Pique. He was having a lot of trouble stopping the Kenyan Nguen and in the end the pitcher went to the source so much that it ended up breaking in the form of an expulsion and a penalty. The Catalan central will not be in Turin. That is the worst news of all.

Lenglet. Excellent in the way of going out with the ball controlled and forceful in his offensive actions. He had better come out unscathed in Saturday's Classic because in Turin he will be the cornerstone in defense.

Dest. Little by little you are seeing what this young player can become. He started playing in a changed band, the left, trying to combine with Ansu Fati and giving depth to the game, to finish on the right, where he was seen to shine more and feel more comfortable. Before Real Madrid he looks like he will continue in the sinister.

Pjanic. He played almost 75 minutes at an acceptable level, although far from his level at Juventus. He did not risk much and always limited himself to complying with the file; He was still somewhat lacking in rhythm and slow when circulating the ball.

De Jong. His game improved exponentially compared to Getafe. To see a thousand times his spectacular assistance to Ansu Fati in the second goal. He drew a pumped-through scriber pass that the striker finished off without letting the ball touch the grass. This is the level that Barcelona demands.

Coutinho. The best of the game. Stratospheric when looking for spaces on the field and willful in search of the ball in recovery. He also scored a great goal, after a great play by Messi, with assistance including Fati's heel. The Brazilian is turning the parable of the prodigal son into an anecdote. In Munich they gave us back a great player.

Trincao. The Portuguese completed an extraordinary match. Daring, daring, always looking for one against one and standing out; It is a pity that his partner in the band, Sergi Roberto, did not accompany him in his actions. He could have put the icing on the cake if he had scored only in front of the goalkeeper after a great pass from Messi.

Messi. The Juan Palomo of world football. When the worst team was going through it, he took responsibility, began to avoid rivals and ended up inside the area, where he was penalized. An I cook it, I eat it, manual. He scored the goal to make it 1-0 in the light. He then gave two assists and came close to scoring twice more.

Ansu Fati. He was not very successful in the overflows, always starting from the left wing, but his eagerness against goal was rewarded, by scoring a great goal, with the help of fortune by almost splicing with the ankle, after a great assist from De Jong. He was substituted in the 61st minute because he has to gain strength for the Classic.


Pedri. The canary continues to amaze with his simple and colorful game. He scored a killer goal, with the help of Dembélé and a bit of the goalkeeper as well.

Junior. The lack of rhythm was very noticeable. You are starting the engine and it seems that sometimes it stalls.

Dembélé. He played on the right wing in an ideal setting, with spaces. However, the picture was complicated after the expulsion of Piqué. Despite everything, he scored a goal thanks to Messi's generosity and gave Pedri a great assist after a good foray on his wing. This is the way of redemption.

Araujo. He is going to have to herd the males next Wednesday in Turin. He jumped onto the field to cover Piqué's march to see a direct red. He complied.

Sergio Busquets. He went out onto the field in the absence of fifteen minutes to regain command of the ship. He got it.