Morcillo, the best rojiblanco signing

Black pudding

It was the sensation of Athletic's preseason. For his goals, for his overflow, for his long shot. Of course it was said that they were friendly matches, which is true, but everyone was talking about him.

It was the highlight of the opening game against Granada (within the poor level that the rojiblanco team showed in that appointment). He put more balls into the box than any other player last season. I'm still exaggerating, but let me be understood.

The signing of
It made us think that even his hole would be at Bilbao Athletic or that he would lose prominence in the first team. But the other day against Levante it was shown that the two players are compatible, one on the right and one on the left, and that
wants to have Morcillo close.

Quarry product

And with minutes and assists like the other day, it will have continuity. Nor do I want to forget the great goal he scored with his right from outside the area against Valladolid. Of course, credit will also be taken away because he was a friendly. Well okay!

Black pudding It is Amorebieta. Vizcaíno. It is a product of the quarry. In a market where Athletic has pulled their wallet, the irruption of this kid is also worth noting. Without going crazy because the most complicated thing is not to get to the First Division, if not to have continuity and I think that 'Morci'You have to let him make his way. Like the rest of the kids who have risen this season. And in others.

There is a tendency in Athletic to make international the ‘cubs’ who make their debut and do it on the right foot and to ‘crush them’ when things don’t start to turn out. Balance in these cases (and in many others in sport and life) is usually the best formula. Also in the player himself and his environment. Key. Fundamental. More even than the centers or the goals he makes. Hopefully there are many.

The importance of managing success in these kids will mark their future as a professional footballer. From what Athletic showed us in a video of him and his family, entitled ‘El camino de Jon
Black pudding', They seem to have clear ideas. Even Morci himself recognized that in the year of Basconia he had to suck the bench and it was a year of learning. Interesting.

The Toquero number

Black pudding He is already a first team player for all intents and purposes. The number 2 that he wears on his shirt confirms it. The one the other day was its premiere. Anyway, I already knew what it's like to play with that number on Amorebieta because when I was a kid I played soccer, I wore that number on my shirt.

Inherits Black pudding the 2 that once had
, which seemed destined to
, but above all in Bilbao it is related to the great
. Left way to Black pudding to get to ‘lehendakari’, but he is competing to be a good ‘parliamentarian’. It won't be the next Thursday.