Barça-Juventus on December 8 could already count on spectators

The Champions League match between Barcelona and Juventus in Turin, corresponding to the Sixth day of the group stage and scheduled for December 8, could have the presence of a maximum of 5,000 spectators, in the event that the health and safety protocols that the Barça club has sent to the Generalitat of Catalonia are validated.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

This was announced this Thursday by Gerard Figueras, Secretary General of Sport of the Generalitat of Catalonia, in a statement to EFE. “For the game against Juventus, unless the epidemiological situation is much worse, I would say that the protocols may be ready so that Barcelona can have an audience (at the Camp Nou) “, ​​he indicated.

Juventus Shield / Flag

Figueras commented that the Barça entity has taken a “little longer” to present the health and safety protocols than other clubs (such as Joventut, in basketball; or Fraikin Granollers, in handball, for example), which can already host European matches with part of the capacity of their facility.

“The protocol for welcoming spectators at the Camp Nou can only be applied in international competition, in 'Champions League' matchesAs regards the Professional League, the protocol is set by the Government of Madrid and at the moment it has not foreseen any will to change the criteria, “he assured.

The Catalan sports secretary commented that once Barcelona has proven that it will incorporate the protocols established in the Champions League matches at the Camp Nou, specifically the technical recommendations delivered this Thursday, then you can welcome spectators in your stadium.

But with a nuance: “Barça established a scale of spectators (1,000, 3,000, 5,000 and 10,0000), and we suggest that they should watch game by game. We will start with a starting figure that does not necessarily have to be 1,000, we could place ourselves at 3,000 or 5,000 viewers “.

Subsequently, it would be assessed how the first entry by the public has worked and also how the specific epidemiological situation is evolving. “Based on that, in the next game it will be assessed whether the interval of 5,000 spectators will increase or we will remain at the same number “, He said.

For this reason, Figueras predicts that the 'Champions' match in which Barça will close the group stage (December 8 Juventus of Turin), and “unless the epidemiological situation is much worse”, the protocols may be ready so that Barça can have an audience “.