Montse Tomé: “I haven’t seen the players enjoy themselves so much in a long time”


The coach Montse Tomé was happy for a “very positive victory” that “means a lot” in the debut this Friday in the Nations League against Sweden, and that makes it clear that Spain has “some incredibly talented players” already which I had not seen “enjoy so much” in a long time.

“It is a very positive victory, which manages to lift a little the days we have been through, that we all know what has happened, and it goes to say that we have incredibly talented players, that they love what they do and that they are good for what they do. It is to play football, and we need to make them feel that they are really thinking about this,” said Montse Tomé at a press conference after the game.

The Asturian stressed that this is “a victory that means a lot” and she was “very happy” for her players. “It has been a long time since I have seen the players enjoy themselves so much and we have been able to enjoy them,” she celebrated.

And among them was Alexia Putellas whom he saw as “different” and “enjoyed in a very mobile midfield” and where Mariona Caldentey’s role in generating “superiorities” was key. “I am very happy for Alexia, she is one of those who has been most active with everything that has happened. She is a ’10’ professional and when she has managed to change the focus to what is important she has been able to enjoy herself and make us all enjoy it,” he stressed. the midfielder.

“I lived the game very calmly, trying to enjoy every moment. We went from less to more and I was happy, I was able to see them enjoy and see what they do best in the best way,” Tomé warned.

She had “a lot of confidence” in her work. “I just needed them to let us work because these first few days have not allowed us to focus on football,” she added. “A release? I didn’t feel pressure, I felt like starting to do everything we had worked on with the coaching staff and being able to train and think about football,” the coach stressed.

“I already mentioned that a new stage was beginning, that it was not Jorge Vilda and the call confirms the difference. Laia Aleixandri is a player we have and who played with us as a center back and midfielder. She has a lot of resources and a lot of ability, I’m glad that she was able to play 90 competitive minutes at this level and surely in the future we will continue to see her at a good level,” she explained when asked about the Manchester City soccer player’s game.

Finally, regarding the few changes he made, only two, he explained that “the game sometimes makes you think a little about different situations” and that “he had spoken with all the players” to find out how they were. “They conveyed all the reliability to me and at half-time I asked them again and they told me the same thing. This is part of the coach’s vision, to see how they are and what they feel, and what they conveyed to me was positive. The changes were made with what the team needed, understanding that everyone was fine,” he said.