Mónica Cruz, sincere about how she lives the comparisons with her sister Penélope: “Many stones on the way”

Despite having a career of his own, Monica Cruz (46) is usually accompanied by the tagline of ‘the sister of Penelope Cruz (48)’. About it and the constant comparisons, the actress has spoken with Ángeles Barcelona in the program Day by day of the Ser Chain.

“For me, seeing her work from such a young age with so much effort has shown me that you can achieve everything and much more than you might think,” says the dancer, who also stresses that her sister is a model for her.

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When asked by Àngels Barceló about whether being her younger sister could have been a “ballast for her career”, the one from Alcobendas has admitted that she knows that she can “put many stones in the way”, but she “doesn’t care” . “For me the priority is my family, work is secondary. (…) There is no competition. It is impossible. I cannot compete with my brothers, I celebrate their things more than mine,” she points out.

In fact, Monica reveals that when people make comments like “I like you more than your sister”, she doesn’t believe it. “I look at them and say ‘Hello? You’re talking about my sister’. If you have several children, I hope you don’t raise them like that, because it’s very ugly,” she concludes.