Mirandés continues to surprise and eliminates Sevilla in Copa del Rey

  • Iraola's team easily wins (3-1) a blurred Sevilla
  • It is the only team that breaks the tyranny of the 'first' in quarters
Photo: EFE

New surprise in Anduva. The Mirandés managed to defeat Sevilla 3-1 in a match in which two goals before half an hour gave Andoni Iraola's team some peace of mind. The reds qualified for the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey for the fourth time in their history and expect a rival to be decided in the draw.

The Mirandés began the game very seriously, squeezing the ball out of Sevilla and gave the bell very soon with an early goal from Matheus that aroused the madness in Anduva. The Brazilian was ahead of the rojillo team after winning the ball with his body and remaining alone against Vaclik who could not stop right to the second post of the Mirandés striker.

Sevilla reacted after the goal, with several occasions that found no goal. With the Mirandés thrown back, but with the clearest ideas in attack, Malsa was able to extend the advantage but Vacilik stopped the ball.

A very dangerous foul by Antonio Sánchez to Munir in the front of the area could change the course of the game, but Limones cleared the foul dumped by Gudelj.

The reddish attack was more defined and Matheus scored the second after an error from Ever Banega and a little help from Gudelj, who touched the ball with his back to mislead the Sevilla goalkeeper.

Julen Lopetegui watched as the first part ended and did not know how to stop forward Matheus, who drove the Nervión team centrals crazy. The Mirandés continued to squeeze in the final minutes and could score in third with a cross shot of Merquelanz and then with another of Matheus, but Vaclik this time did not hesitate.

After passing through the locker room, Lopetegui did not see the game clearly and made a triple change in his starting eleven, putting Ocampos, En-Nesyri and Jordan. Sevillistas starred in the first two occasions, but Mirandés was able to sentence the match from the penalty spot.

The referee Jaime Latre had to go to the VAR to see the penalty of Diego Carlos on Álvaro Rey. Vaclik intercepted Álvaro Peña's shot, a penalty for Andoni Iraola's team that could have sentenced the match.

Mirandés was not affected by missing the maximum penalty, as he kept trying several times but Sevilla insisted on a superb Lemons and a reddish set locked behind.

Those of Lopetegui continued fighting controlling the ball at all times, while those of Iraola dedicated themselves to shrinking balls thinking about the end of the match. The minutes passed and time was running out for Sevilla.

Álvaro Rey finished the game when he suffered the most reddish team. A clearance after a corner of Sevilla, the Sevilla was the fastest and despite the fact that Vaclik stopped the first attempt to the second marked the third, which gave the final pass to the quarterfinals to Mirandés.

Sevilla scored the goal of honor in Nolito boots with the time served on a night that will go down in the history of the rojillo team, the only survivor who does not dispute the First Division of this round.

– Data sheet:

3 – Mirandes: Limones, Sergio, Odei, Álvaro Peña (Guridi min 63), Matheus Aias (Marcos André min 73), Álvaro Rey (Kijera min 87), Merquelanz, Malsa, Alex González, Franquesa, Antonio Sánchez.

1 – Seville: Vaclik, Nolito, Banega (Ocampos min 46), Munir (En-Nesyri min 46), Koundé (Jordan min 46), Jesús Navas, Gudelj, Escudero, De Jong, Diego Carlos, Oliver.

Goals: 1-0: M.7 Matheus. 2-0: M.29 Matheus. 3-0: M. 86 Álvaro Rey. 3-1: M.90 Nolith

Referee: Jaime Latre (Aragonese school). He admonished Alexander Gonzalez (min 33), coach Andoni Iraola (min 33), Matheus (min 56), Antonio Sánchez (min 77), Sergio (min 79) and visitors to Munir (min 37), for Mirandés. to coach Julen Lopetegui (min 53), Diego Carlos (min 53), Escudero (min 75)