A candidate for the presidency of Barça atiza and ‘surrenders’ to Madrid

Josep María Bartomeu will convene elections to the presidency of the Barcelona in 2021 and Victor Font It is one of the precandidates to succeed him. The Catalan businessman, as recorded by Marca, has bluntly assured in the microphones of 'The Partidazo de COPE' and Radio Marca that it is “antimadrista”.

“I have been very happy when at Madrid they removed him from the Champions. The three Champions followed by Madrid they were a drama“He added. He also made it clear that he didn't know Florentino Pérez and that, “as an amateur, Mbappé“Likes” a lot and Neymar it's 'Top 5' in the world, but it's past water, I wouldn't sign him. “

On Leo Messi, Font He said that “he has a minimum of three or four years.” “He has taken great care, he is re-adapted, he has evolved over time. I think he will retire here. If we won, I wish we could count on him for our project,” he explained. (DC News: Madrid's least favorite opponent for quarters is not Barça)

Finally, he revealed that he has “friendship” with Xavi Hernandez and that is “a unique person.” “We have to create the conditions for someone like Xavi be the angular piece of Barça of the next ten years, whether or not coach “, about the former Barca player, his favorite to be the coach of his project and not Setien: “Quique Setién It is not part of it. ”