Miguel Bosé talks about his children and hits Nacho Palau where it hurts the most: “True love…”

The singer, who has spent the summer holidays in Mallorca with his ex and their four children, has given an interview in which he talks about children like never before. At least, of the two that he considers only his: “When you are in love, you think that the love you feel is the real one, the greatest. Then, suddenly, the children arrive one good day and a space that you had here next to you, glued to you but invisible, it materializes, and you begin to feel things that absolutely surpass all the ones you have felt up to that moment.It is then when what you did not know was true love appears, because it is love for nothing It is the cleanest and purest love. You only know it when you have children.”

Let’s remember that Miguel Bose he saw his face in court with Nacho Palau when he requested a family reunification (claiming that Tadeo, Ivo, Telmo and Diego should be considered brothers) to which the interpreter of bandit lover he refused. The Supreme Court agreed with the artist and the sentence left the Valencian sculptor devastated: “Today, finally, my children have not been recognized for what they are from the moment they were born. They have been told that something they live is not true and they feel: they have been told that they are not brothers. It is terrible. They have been told something against what they know perfectly well: that they do not have two fathers”.

This Wednesday, Bosé once again puts his finger on the sore and leaves Nacho’s ‘nanos’ out of the equation when talking about the happy family he forms with his two children. She has never wanted to be separated from them: “Having small children, going back and forth, or staying there for a long time, was going to be a pain, so I made the decision to take the leap. Will I live there again? Surely yes , but I don’t know when”, he says when asked in Vanity Fair for his move to Mexico and a possible return to Spain: “My children are in high school, but in five years they will be at university and they will have their girlfriends, their friends, their independence… They will go to study in other countries and, probably I don’t want to be alone here.”

And he concludes: “The important thing in life is knowing how to understand it, in order to be able to draw conclusions and grow. If you ask me if I would do some of the things that have touched me the worst, I would tell you that I think the one who was in my life was in my line of life.” I went through them. You realize why they have come to you”.