Luis Rubiales’ uncle takes out all the dirty laundry: “He put five 18-year-old girls in a chalet paid for by the RFEF, they could be his daughters”

Is called Juan Rubiales, is brother of Luis Rubiales father and was the right hand of the former president of the RFEF as Chief of Staff until he refused to participate in the goings-on of his nephew, whom he denounced in Anti-Corruption: “He told me that we had to find the formula so that his father would money would arrive every month from the RFEF and I told him that I was not going to participate in that. He told me ‘What are you up to? Get out of here I don’t even want to see you.’

And that was one of many: “They called me to a work meeting in a villa in Salobrena. When I got there there was no work meeting or anything. They brought eight or ten girls. I told: ‘You’ve gone crazy, they are 18 years old, they could be your daughters!’, and I locked myself in a room. He came to see me, I told him I didn’t want to participate in that and he replied ‘You’re always the same, you’re annoying’. He adds: ‘The girls were what is called ‘image girls’ today, who were pay money to participate in a party and set the scene. From there, what happens, happens.”

The penultimate great Rubiales scandal was the Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: “We put our hands to our heads when he told us that he had signed a pre-agreement with the Saudis. We told him how he had done that with a country that did not respect human rights, but he did not want anyone to contradict him” , explained this Wednesday in The world. “There was a proposal from Qatar but they rejected it because Piqué was not an intermediary and then there was no commission.”

Juan Rubiales also tells how his nephew enjoyed five days in New York with a Mexican painter with which he fell in love, masking it as a work trip: “It was a five-day love trip. He gave us instructions on what we had to say in case the press asked.”

Rubiales and Pedro Sanchez

The former Chief of Staff of the suspended president of the RFEF also comments that his nephew asked the Government for support when the scandals came to light: “There were many meetings.” And he clarifies what the relationship between Luis and Pedro Sánchez is like: “They have known each other for a long time. When Sánchez had problems in the PSOE he sent him Whatsapps telling him: ‘Pedro, hold on; Pedro, hold on’ and a relationship was forged that became more accentuated late. He sold Sánchez that he was going to bring the World Cup to Spain and that he had to be the one to lead that. He also told him that he was a socialist and that he was the counterweight to Thebes.”

Juan portrays his nephew like this: “He has always been a man with a clear macho tinge, very arrogant, with attitudes typical of Torrente”. About the controversial kiss to Jenni Hermoso, he states emphatically: “I was not surprised but it impacted me. He does not want to be a politician, but a warrior, but Spanish society has changed, it has marked some red lines and has told him that this is not can do”.