Miguel Bosé goes from being in the WhatsApp group of his children’s school: “It ends with anyone’s health”

Back to school arrives, as every year, marked by the hustle and bustle of the routine that characterizes the month of September. And it is that, however celebrity you are, you are not exempt from returning to resume daily chores. However, Miguel Bose skips the norm and confesses his lack of interest in being in the groups of WhatsApp of parents of their children’s school.

During a press conference, where he presented his new documentary series, Bosé Reborn (premiered this Tuesday on Movistar Plus +), the interpreter of bandit lover acknowledge that you are not in the group WhatsApp from their children’s school. “Not crazy, not even if they pay me,” said the singer without half measures when asked about this aspect of his private life.

Given these forceful statements, Miguel Bosé has clarified that there is a person in charge of carrying out these family matters and he calls this task “a pain in the ass”. “One of the things you gain over time is lucidity. So, there is a person in charge of carrying that pain in the ass (referring to the WhatsApp groups of the parents of the school). That ends the health of anyone”, he has settled.

Miguel Bosé did not sit down with Pablo Matos

Paul Motorcycles started the new television season of the anthill this Monday, September 4 with his second and long-awaited interview with Isabel Pantoja. This Tuesday, the brothers Mario y Oscar Casas They sat on their set and this Wednesday it was Miguel Bosé’s turn. However, the singer has been unsubscribed in the last few hours.

Bosé did not attend the Antena 3 program due to health problems, as he has said Vertele. The artist was going to promote his documentary, Bosé reborn (Movistar Plus +). This Tuesday, on the other hand, he was at the Vitoria Festival.