Messi's most 'diabolical' goal

In the romantic literature of the 18th century, a career as triumphant as it was meteoric for Leo Messi, full of achievements, successes and money, would be directly associated with a pact with the devil, as J.W. Goethe did in his novel Faust, with Mephistopheles as the evil envoy.

The German playwright would now have a perfect breeding ground to associate Messi with the devil. And is that the Blaugrana striker is about to reach a figure directly associated with the devil and that in the Bible, specifically in 'The Apocalypse of Saint John', they identify with the number of the Beast: Leo is only one goal away from reach 666 goals in his career at FC Barcelona. A symbolic figure that has served to indicate both the followers of the devil and the Satanist sects.

Thus, the next goal scored by the Argentine striker will surely have to bear some kind of symbolic reference to the devil, although knowing Leo's scoring ability, the 666 goal figure may only hold for a few minutes and jump directly to 667. The first opportunity to reach and exceed this figure comes this Thursday at the Camp Nou against Getafe.

What can already be considered directly as diabolical is the trajectory of this world supercrack, which treasures 665 goals in 771 games, with 37 titles behind him, just four behind the player with the best record in football history, Dani Alves, with a total of 41.

Barcelona Shield / Flag

A player capable of breaking a record in every game he plays. Few weeks ago surpassed Xavi Hernández (767) as a player with the most games with the elastic Blaugrana and in the last one he has played, in the Cup final against Athletic (0-4), he became in the all-time top scorer in the Cup finals, with 9 goals, surpassing the 8 that Athletic striker Telmo Zarra had so far.

And for those who doubt his decisive role in the finals, just to point out that adds 31 goals in 34 finals: Spanish Super Cup (13), Copa del Rey (9), Club World Cup (4), European Super Cup (3) and Champions (2).