Rubiales: “UEFA is the only vehicle capable of structuring the transformation of football”

Luis Rubiales, who is in Switzerland working as vice-president of UEFA, calls for a union from all levels of football before the announcement of the creation of the Super League expressed last night in a statement.


“This situation requires the best of all levels of football. UEFA and all of European football are more united than ever. We must unequivocally appeal to the responsibility and principles that have always guided the most followed sport in the world ”.

Sports merit and solidarity

“At UEFA, we have spent years working on the reform of competitions to adapt them to the new times, generating more wealth than ever, without neglecting any class, and doing so in accordance with the fundamentals of solidarity and respect for sporting merit.”

UEFA organizer

“In this sense, our firmness and conviction is total. UEFA is the only vehicle capable of structuring the transformation of football to face new challenges. Over the years, we have proven to be an organism that has known how to adapt and offer responses according to all sensitivities. We will continue to listen to everyone, and seek the general good and not just that of a few ”.

Modest football

“Nearly 90% of the income generated by UEFA goes back to football, especially to the most modest and to the grassroots, making it possible for the ball to roll wherever this economic injection is most needed so that football is present in every corner of the continent”


“I am sure that the values ​​of sport will continue to be present in European competitions. UEFA guarantees it, nobody else can do it ”.