Mercedes Milá remains ‘thrown’ in the sea and they have to rescue her: “It could have ended in disaster”

The last ‘adventure’ of the journalist has remained an anecdote but it could have cost her a displeasure. Mercedes Dear (72) went sailing this Sunday with his niece and did it without gasoline, leaving at the expense of the sea. A friend of hers had to come to her rescue and she herself has told everything through her social networks: “It could have ended in disaster and luckily it was just another adventure”has said.

The former presenter of Big Brother He has said that there was no gasoline in the port of Mahón, but he went sailing anyway. Shortly after, his boat was left adrift and about to hit the rocks. “We are in the middle of a small shipwreck, because we have run out of gasoline, something that had never happened to me. A friend, Dr. Herrero, has come to look for us.”

Milá has shown her indignation at the little help she had received from other sailors: “This man is the first to tell us that he can help us,” she recounted, pointing to a neighboring boat. “The lack of solidarity is absolutely shocking. This means that 90% of those who enter the port of Mahón are a bunch of stubborn people who don’t know that at sea you have to help the first time.”

The Catalan journalist has received a lot of criticism from her followers, who made her ugly by calling the rest of the sailors “sluts” and pointing out that the responsibility for what happened was entirely hers: “At sea if you have to help, but also you have to go out with gasoline, otherwise you stay at home”, “You cannot go out without enough gasoline, but as always you are right…”, “You cannot go sailing without gasoline, it is reckless and reckless “, “The sailors of Mahón who will still say that you are unconscious”, “Luckily it ended well, but the responsibility lies with the owner of the boat for leaving with little fuel”…