Mendilibar: “We lacked the success to score the second”

The coach regretted removing Lamela so that later Suso would not shoot a penalty

On the market: “They are touching my nose”


The Sevilla coach, José Luis Mendilibar, highlighted his team’s great game and the ability to compete against a team like Manchester City, despite losing this Wednesday in the final of the European Super Cup, where they lacked “hit” to get the second, with very good chances to win the title.

“The plan against a team like City is very complicated. I would like to spend more time in the opponent’s field, but they force you and have you put in your area. We have hurt them, we have created danger, we have had the chance to score the second goal, with the 1-1 score we also had the option of scoring the second and we weren’t successful either, but I think we played a good game”, he said at a press conference.

Sevilla started scoring and at the beginning of the second half they were able to score the second. “We lacked the success to score the second, because they almost certainly know that they are going to score at least one. The players for these games change their mentality, they think they are important, they think they are good and they run more than other games, because it is the competition, a very strong rival”, affirmed.

“Normally it is not easy for a good team to beat them, we are a good team and they are doing well. Although they have only won one out of seven, the times they have lost have been doing damage, creating danger, being strong. The important thing today “It is that we have competed very well against a great team. Now my job is to maintain that mentality for the rest of the games, to compete like today in the rest of the games, which is not so easy,” he added.

On the other hand, Mendilibar was forceful again in his criticism of an open market with the competition already underway, and with the possibility of losing two important players like Bono and Acuña. “It’s uncertainty until September 1, I don’t understand it, I’ve already said it. We don’t know which people we’re going to stay with,” he said.

“It is very difficult for them to stay, they are touching my nose from all sides and in the end it is normal for them to leave. They offer misery to the club and talk to the players,” he added.

In addition, the Sevilla coach, when asked about Lamela’s anger at being substituted, dropped that Suso did not want to take a penalty in the shootout when his entry was with that intention. “I’m wrong to remove him because if he had stayed until the end, he would have been one of those who would have taken a penalty. I thought that the one who entered the game could also take the penalty, it has not been like that and I was wrong. I am not saying more,” he finished.