Angelina Jolie signs her 15-year-old daughter in her ambitious project on Broadway: Vivienne will be an assistant

Of the six children of Brad Pitt y Angelina Joliewho years after their divorce are still up in arms in the courts, it only seems that Vivienne, 15 years old, is interested in the same world as that of his parents, that of acting. Of course, from a totally different point of view.

The Oscar-winning actress has “lend her a hand” to enter this difficult industry by signing her as an assistant in the Broadway musical adaptation of the film The Outsiders, which she herself is producing. the protagonist of Maleficent announced this Wednesday in a statement to Entertainment Tonight.

After the announcement of the singular contract, the interpreter has said about her daughter: “She is very thoughtful and serious about the theater and works hard to better understand how to contribute”, in addition to highlighting about her that she does not focus on being the center of attention , but in being a support for other creatives.

Mother and daughter together on Broadway

Jolie, who at the time wanted to be an actress because of the passion she felt for the theater, reconnected with the stage when her daughter Vivienne accompanied her to see the film at the beginning of the year. in 1983 at the La Jolla Playhouse – a non-profit professional theater at the University of California, San Diego – and was so overshadowed by the musical that she decided to take it to Broadway.

“I studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute where I realized my first love as a performer was theater. I hadn’t found my way back until now. I look forward to contributing as I continue to learn from this amazing team I’ve been working with since my daughter took me to see the show at the La Jolla Playhouse”, the actress has sentenced about this new theatrical project.