Mediaset’s four setbacks against Jorge Javier bring it closer to Pablo Iglesias’ Canal Red

In just ten months, since they retired Paolo Vasile as Mediaset capo, Jorge Javier Vazquez has received at least four loud setbacks with an open hand from the company with which he has a contract: he was the personified target of an Ethical Code that today in many of its points is a dead letter and that seemed tailor-made against Save me.

Later came the second big slap: the cancellation of the historic magazine show, after which the presenter suffered health problems that caused him to leave work. The third blow that Mediaset dealt to what had been its great star was the decision not to let him repeat at the head of VIP Big Brother, for which they elected Martha Flich. The Fuencarral chain later gave him a poisoned gift: the Chinese Stories that lasted too long for what they offered and the final blow against Jorge Javier was the elimination of his new dream. These four professional blows, together with the loud divorce of La Fábrica de la Tele with Mediaset España, which has meant that the production company is at a minimum and carrying out layoffs, compromise the Telecinco star. They have the daily strip of Everything is a lie, con Risto Mejide; both Socialities weekend, and little else.

Pablo Iglesias wants to fish in troubled rivers

Pablo Iglesias has redesigned his media strategy after being left without a seat on Cadena SER. The former vice president of the Government wants to stand out against ‘Yolandism’ thanks to the reinforced Canal Red and the new little brother of the aforementioned television, a digital newspaper called Diario Red. The birth of this digital newspaper has led to the departure of the founder of Podemos from Ctxt .es, as it is able to advance Informalia, but to give visibility to its new media Pablo Iglesias needs to find a stellar signing.

In March there were contacts between Pablo Iglesias and Jorge Javier, although the Badalona native denied that it was to do an interview in The Donkeys of Fortunato, your video podcast. However, Jorge Javier did interview Yolanda Diaz oa Íñigo Errejón. In May, after we brought forward the cancellation of Save me and the arrival of Ana Rosa Quintana in the afternoons, Iglesias publicly offered Badalona a new format: “Very soon on Canal Red ‘Rojos y maricones’, presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez. It has a bit of a cachet for us, so you can give us a hand…”.

Jorge Javier was ironic when he sent an audio that Iglesias made public: “Look Pablo, I have been reviewing the agreement and the truth is that we are very close to achieving it. Maybe you would have to go up a little more, because you already know that I am not moving “For money, I move for a lot of money. If you get Podemos and Sumar to go to the elections, I’ll give you a little discount,” the philologist replied.

Contacts and praise

Jorge Javier Vázquez receives affection from certain sectors of the left, just as he had been seeking for years in events of Angel Gabilondo or in ‘anti-ayusista’ or ‘anti-casadista’ articles published on his blog in the pink magazine Lecturas. Pablo Iglesias, Gabriel Rufián, Manuela Carmena or Pablo Echenique have sometimes praised Jorge Javier, who has maintained contacts with the vice president to join Canal Red, as sources from the television project confirm to Informalia.

He feeling between Iglesias and Jorge Javier is such that the latter, who once positioned himself in favor of Íñigo Errejón in the internal war that Podemos suffered, has changed his mind. “Looking back and recovering old gatherings, I don’t understand how Pablo Iglesias and other colleagues – Monedero, Errejón, Bescansa – were able to endure with such stoicism the manipulated attacks of disgusting talk shows,” he declared last month.

In his blog, he added: “Manipulated, false, manufactured with little care to try to demonstrate that Podemos were as corrupt as the rest. I feel quite embarrassed about the matter. I, myself, the king of trash TV, which is what they call me. Well, if I feel embarrassed with everything I have seen, imagine what a feeling of disgust it gives me that this story has not turned the country upside down. Giving such terrifying facts a green light is an attack on democracy.” The former Here is tomato went further: “As time goes by, I see the presence of Podemos in politics as more necessary. I, who throughout my life have been naïve, have been taught that our Spain needs an urgent review so as not to be a country governed by the usual five that prevent it from being more fair, more modern and, above all, less corrupt. “. And he concluded: “I have heard few public apologies to Pablo Iglesias. He is owed, even, as a society. In case it helps, here’s mine.”

Pablo Iglesias, the great propagandist

Pablo Iglesias, who gives so much importance to the media as a good propagandist, does not spare harangues either: “We are, logically, what we read and what we see and hear,” he says. “The ideology or culture to which we belong is shaped by ideological and cultural experiences.” These experiences, he points out, “can occur in the family, in the union, in the student group, in the neighborhood association, in the parish, with a friend who lent us books and recommended movies. But, in our time, they are rare Maybe those experiences can compete with the media experience. That’s why I’ve been saying for years that “People are active in the media much more than in parties.”

This means that the cultural war is key for Irene Montero’s boyfriend. It is not unusual for her Canal Red to consider launching programs of all kinds, from cartoon series, sports programs or formats from the world of the heart like the one Jorge Javier could command. Anything goes to plaster his political message so that as many people as possible can eat it.

Canal Red itself explained this at its birth: “In recent decades, social movements have won rights, built networks and transformed reality from hundreds of different places. But, while this is happening, The vast majority of the media remain in the hands of the powerful, and as long as they dominate the story as they please, that world that you and I dream of can never come.”

Canal Red grows while Mediaset remains in crisis

“Do you remember that Marcos de Quinto channel, the one with Coca Cola, Toni Cantó and the Francisco Franco Foundation that they had on DTT? It was called 7NN and they wanted to be the Spanish Fox but they went bankrupt and had to close Well, I have something to tell you: now, its frequency on DTT is ours,” Iglesias congratulated himself. With this speech, the former vice president of the Government reported on the growth of Canal Red, which has followers such as deputy secretary general of the Popular Party, Esteban González Pons, who in the past called Iglesias “affable”, “cultured”, “creative” and “intelligent”, with whom he shared work in the Brussels European Parliament. Of course, Esteban knows that the subsistence existence of Podemos can do as much damage to the PSOE as it can do to his beloved PP that of Vox.

On the other hand, Mediaset España is still in crisis, as demonstrated by the audience data and as highlighted by the former director of Program Production, Baldomero Toscano, who points out that “Telecinco is a network that, for some strange reason that I cannot understand, has been depositioned. A television that was a leader, well, suddenly, has abandoned a path of content due to editorial decisions or decisions of whatever type.”

The current antenna director of the company, Manuel Villanueva, does not recognize the bad moment and assures that Mediaset España simply “We live in a time of change and these are always complicated. You have to make those changes and people have to perceive them and adapt to them. Despite everything, we are not dissatisfied and I think that, little by little, we will put things together. The data tells us that Telecinco grows 0.6 points compared to August and in October it is showing signs of growing gradually.”


It is not ruled out that Jorge Javier breaks up with Mediaset España, although for months I have valued that Alessandro Salem was one of those who listen. Curiously, he implied that this did not make his great supporter, Vasile himself, whom he reported that as a result of the “reds and faggots” thing he stopped speaking to him for two months: “We were in a pandemic, he was living in Rome and he used to send us, those of us who got very good audiences, a message. I had a relationship with him and it stopped. I had a very bad time,” he acknowledged.

The water returned to its course after this message from the then host of Sálvame: “I don’t understand your silence. I think that at this point it is better for me to leave this company.”So, Paolo, even though I have just signed my renewal contract, I want to leave, I don’t want to work in a company where I am punished in this way, because if you are angry with me what you have to do is call me and fire me. the anger, but don’t stop talking to me.