McManaman’s controversial opinion about the signing of Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé He is a soccer player intended by all the teams that want to reign in Europe. The player made very favorable statements towards him Liverpool and more specifically to the way they play since Klopp is on the benches of the ‘red’ team. McManaman He has not missed his chance to comment and thinks that French would not be necessary in the English team.

The French soccer player did not make any declaration of intent because in the same interview he made an analysis of his career and declared his love for Zidane Y Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, the French talked about what lies ahead in this year 2020, with the Flirt one, the Champions, the Eurocup or the Olympic Games.

Regarding the European football news, the striker praised the Liverpool game of Klopp, a team he sees as a gaming machine. “What they are doing is amazing. They are like a greased machine. Put a high pace and come, play and play over and over again, “said the forward of the PSG.

Rumors have been born around the statements of the footballer and the hero of the Liverpool, Steve McManaman, has not wasted his opportunity to comment on the matter (McManaman does not want Pogba but does advise a signing to Zidane). The former soccer player believes that the Frenchman will be the best in the world in three or four years but that the Liverpool doesn't need to Mbappé.

In addition, I overstate the amount of 250 million pounds by the player stating that it could create a conflict within the locker room. “Not him personally, but the transfer fee itself and that you are already the best team and you could be disturbing the balance by bringing another great, great striker in, who is possibly already one of the best in the world, even at this slender age ”In addition, he pointed out the operation as an unnecessary risk by making a comparison with Griezmann saying it hasn't improved at Barça.