MADRID, Jan. 22 (SportsFinding) –

The Spanish handball coach, Jordi Ribera, positively valued the draw against Croatia (22-22) in the European European and said he had “saved a point” to be “first” group in the semifinals on Friday.

“We have made a very good game, a very close first half, and I think it could have happened from everything. In the end we went one up to the break and then we did a very good defensive job,” said the Spanish coach after the equalizer.

“Perhaps we have paid for the wear generated by this type of defense. The 6-0 has choked us a little, we missed some goal to increase the difference and at that time the team has taken advantage of fast situations and fast goals. The important thing we have saved a point and we are first, “he added.

In addition, the national coach took stock of these first two phases of the European. “It must be said that we have done two very good phases, we have been group leaders and now we are waiting for the semifinals. We cannot decide the opponent,” he said of the confrontation before the final.

Asked if Spain-Croatia on Wednesday could be a hypothetical final of the Championship, Ribera said “we both went out to win.” “Neither team has speculated, we have been rotations and it is important. In the end we can not choose the rival,” he said about the combined Norway or Slovenia, possible rivals in 'semis'.