Mayte Zaldívar affirms that she planned her wedding with Julián Muñoz three years ago: “He wanted to compensate me”

Article Mortis, yes or no? It is one of the unknowns that surrounds the unexpected wedding of Mayte Zaldivar y Julian Muñoz. Many pointed out that the illness and dark prognosis of the former Marbella mayor led to his marriage with the mother of his daughters, whom he welcomed back as his wife on January 30. However, the ‘bride’ herself denied it this Monday, revealing that the couple talked about marriage three years ago: “There is no article mortis that is valid. It is not something from now, it is not a decision because he is very sick.”

Isabel Pantoja’s former enemy Number One has spoken with And now Sonsoles to give the first explanations about the bombshell news of the weekend: “This has been going on for a long time, ever since he got out of prison, I wanted to compensate him for all the damage he did to him”Paloma García Pelayo said after her conversation with Zaldívar, who assures that the economic reason has not had so much weight in the decision they made: “The very serious condition is discovered, then it is confirmed in a notary on January 30 and the diagnosis (of cancer) comes later”he clarified.

Julián Muñoz went to prison in 2006 for crimes of embezzlement and prevarication. During the time he was in prison, he accumulated different pathologies that led to a delicate state of health. He suffers from ischemic-hypertensive heart disease, combined with type 1 diabetes mellitus and a numerous condition, including arteriopathy. In the last two years in prison, he was forced to visit the hospital 29 times. The prison’s deputy medical director herself reported that Muñoz’s risk of death in the medium term (between one and five years) was greater than 50% despite treatment. In 2021 he was granted parole due to a proven “incurable illness.”

It was then that, according to Mayte Zaldívar, they talked about a wedding, a decision that her then partner, Fernando Marcos, did not understand but did respect. In fact, Rappel, a friend of the couple, has revealed that they all live together in the same building and their relationship is close and daily. Last March the alarms went off: Julián Muñoz, 76, had been admitted and his health was very delicate. A few weeks later, he himself confirmed that he was suffering from a “galloping cancer”: “At the moment he doesn’t want to die because he says he is in one of his best stages. He forgot about his family, but he never lost them. He is taking advantage of the last seconds. There are days that are difficult because he has strong treatment,” said Zaldívar.