Mayoral or Jovic

Zidane confirmed yesterday the news that AS had advanced last Thursday: Borja Mayoral is summoned to play against Real Sociedad today. That decision strengthens the intention of the coach when it comes to making his squad: Parla's is ahead of Jovic for him.

“I don't think that will happen …”, said Zidane yesterday at a press conference about the possible exit of Jovic in this market. Although immediately afterwards he left the door open: “The situation is true that it can change and many things can happen until October 4”. A whole declaration of intent from the French coach, who on other occasions, in the past, has had no problem ensuring that a player was going to stay.

The reality is that Jovic is not a problem for Zizou. If he has a choice, he prefers that he be loaned out and that Benzema's substitute be Mayoral, although his case is very different from that of Mariano, who he does not have. If the Serbian stays, he will have opportunities and it will be Mayoral who looks for a new destination to continue growing as a footballer.

With this scenario, Jovic is today in the market to go out on loan. If a club appears that takes over your record and guarantees ownership, it will go out. Tboth leaders and Zidane maintain faith in him (he is only 22 years old), But they believe that to regain the confidence that he lost last season it is necessary for him to have regularity at another club, something that while Benzema maintains his current level is not possible in the Real Madrid squad.

Borja Mayoral, for his part, is in a privileged position. He has a contract with Madrid until 2021 and he has plenty of suitors, both in Spain and abroad. His priority, if Zidane so decides, is to stay. But at 23, he's in no rush if he has to leave again. Madrid handles two scenarios with that of Parla if he leaves: renew him and re-assign him or transfer him, keeping an option for the future.