Lunin: “I fulfill a dream”

Real Madrid's Ukrainian goalkeeper Andriy Lunin assured that he complies “the dream of being part” this season of the club's squad after several assignments and guaranteed their “commitment, loyalty, discipline, sacrifice and dedication”.

“To respond to this club whose goal is to reach the top in all the competitions in which it participates, I can guarantee my commitment, loyalty, discipline, sacrifice, dedication, perseverance, work and camaraderie,” he said.

In statements sent to EFE, the meta thanked the unconditional support of his family and environment after arriving at the club just over two years ago and “to fulfill this year the dream of being part of its squad”, which will make its debut in the League against Real Sociedad in San Sebastián tomorrow.

“For a few days now, my daily tasks are clear: work, work and work and be able to do everything in my power to return this feeling to all this great hobby and institution,” he said.

The Ukrainian international He also thanked the Leganés, Valladolid and Oviedo clubs, in which he acted on loan, “for these unforgettable years”, in which, as he said, he had the opportunity to develop “personally and professionally and, what is better, meet great people.”